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Activewear for plus size women

At Female for Life we provide a great range of activewear for plus size women in many colours and make you look sexy and comfortable. Visit us today!

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Ladies Gym Wear

Female For Life sources its ladies gym wear from around Australia, they are refined over to ensure perfect cut for women with real curves and bodies. Visit us today!

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Women's Gym Gear

At Female For Life we offer a range of gym gear for women which is both functional and feels good when you wear it. Visit us today!

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Fitness Clothing Women

Female For Life offers a wide range of fitness clothing where you not only look good but also feel comfortable too! Visit us today to view our range!

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Tips about keeping active and weight management

When keeping active sometimes things don't go according to plan, every bodys body is different. Here are some tips and answers to common questions

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Yoga poses and other tips for menstrual pain relief

All women at some stage have been struck down by menstrual pain. Keeping active and practising yoga can help, but there are some other tips you can follow

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Yoga Versus Pilates

Looking to get into yoga or has someone told you how pilates has benefitted them? Here are some helpful tips to help you choose

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear