Posts for January 2011

Finding the Right Gym

At some point in our overweight and unfit lives we've all had the new year's resolution to "join the gym"

Author: Jean Griffiths

Can stress make you gain weight

Can stress make you gain weight. Dr Duncan Hunter looks into this frequently asked question

Author: Duncan Hunter, Dietician

Naturopathy - the basics explained

What is naturopathy? How is naturopathy different to a doctor (GP)? What treatments and medicine is available from naturopathy?

Author: Kaye Wright

Careers that keep you fit

Keeping healthy and fit is hard. With the sedentary lifestyles we live the more active you can be in your job the better.

Author: Jami de La Cruz

WHO Magazine

Female For Life in WHO Magazine - website of the week. Female For Life offers fantastic activewear for women with real bodies

Author: Female For Life

Don’t let your poor eyesight stop you from exercising

Exercising is important to your health. Having the right eye solution is just as important as having the right workout pants

Author: Tim Hardwood

How to promote health for your family

Promoting healthy behaviour for your children is important to ensure they develop knowledge and good habits. This will help them keep healthy to adulthood.

Author: Erick D. Smith, Content writer for
Create a fitness plan

Plan your exercise to become a habit

Finding time to get your exercise done is often a challenge, planning your exercise and fitness regime beforehand in weekly chunks makes it easy to be organised and stay motivated

Author: Female For Life

Female For Life In Workout & Fitness Videos

See the Female For Life girls doing their thing in our great gear in these workout videos.

Author: Female For Life

Female For Life in Practical Parenting Magazine

Female For Life activewear has appeared in Practical Parenting magazine where mums find reliable advice on what to wear when exercising.

Author: Female For Life