Is Yoga for me?

Author: Female For Life | 21 Jan 2014

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A few years a friend of mine was studying to be a yoga teacher and as a result at any opportunity would try and convince me to come to a class with her. I was however rather resistant for 3 reasons:

1) I had attended a yoga class in my 20’s and found it to be boring and un-challenging – all I wanted to do was get my cardio on and sweat. Being forced to slow down was like torture.
2) Again referring to the class above, the yoga teacher insisted on talking about the third eye and doing a lot of chanting which kind of weirded. me out a little bit
3) My friend, although very sweet was a bit of what you would politely call “new age”. She had already set up what looked like a shrine in the home and not that I would be called conservative by any means… but a shrine????

Anyways eventually I reluctantly agreed and I can safely say I have never looked back. Yoga is most definitely for me.

Downward Facing DogWhen you reach your thirties your need to jump around (as well as your body’s ability to) most definitely decreases. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cardio work out but I don’t have the energy I used to and I also know that flexibility and strength training (both core benefits of yoga) is vital to keeping healthy and fit, especially as the body ages. I can honestly say that after spending the last decade in a chair during the day, my body NEEDS yoga.

My life is also infinitely more stressful: family and work commitments can be overwhelming, fitting in friends and the time for me gets more and more challenging, so the idea of having 90 minutes to myself to breathe, relax and stretch is like a vacation. Many describe yoga as a massage from the inside and I can’t agree more. I find my muscles relaxed and my mind clearer after a class. Essentially my mind NEEDS yoga.

Sphinx poseGoing to class also connects me with a community of women who are striving to find what I am striving for: balance and its so wonderful to be in a class with a cross section of women of different ages. If I think back to my gym going days where everyone in the class was in their 20’3 and 30’s and I look at my yoga classes now where the ages vary from 20’s to 70’s it makes me feel connected in a special way. Yoga also teaches about letting go of the ego, it is much easier to do this when you aren't competing with those your age and younger.
I recently took my aunt along with me to a class and it was a special way to bond (we of course went out for a fabulous meal afterwards to continue with the bonding!) Essentially, I have come to believe that my soul NEEDS yoga.

So if you haven’t tried it already, give yoga another go. You may find yourself like me… a convert (although I still don’t have a shrine!)

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Would love to know how / what your first yoga experience was?


Eve said on: 28th February 2014, 6:47pm

Thanks for this- this is exactly what I have been going through in the last couple of years. For years I was a hardcore gym junkie- resistance and cardio most days of the week. Since hitting my 30s my body started to feel like it was breaking down- I could handle it after a work out- i couldn't walk properly because my legs and feet hurt so much. One day I had to take a day of work because of it and I just felt like I needed to go to a yoga class. Well, it changed my life! My relationship to my body has improved because I no longer feel as though I am battling against myself but rather nurturing, exploring and understanding my body. It's a liberating feeling! And, contrary to what I feared, I have not ballooned and feel fitter than before! And not in pain (just that good stretchy pain). Anyway, it was great to hear that someone else has been through something similar. Thanks..