Are Yoga Clothes the New Black Dress?

Author: Female For Life | 05 Jan 2014

Tagged: Gym Clothes, Track Pants, Womens Activewear, Yoga Pants

Goodbye trackie dacks and oversized free t-shirts from high school tours. Women in 2014 are moving their workout wear from the back of the closet to center stage.

Yoga pants in tie dye and other funky patterns have become the fashion to wear with traditional high fashion stores trying to cut into the market.

Image 0398The neon colored sports tanks have become the must wear item under loose baggy workout tops and the louder the outfit, the hipper the look. And it’s not just about being hip, it’s about quality and comfort. Women are realizing that spending on some good quality items is worthwhile as you get so much more wear out of them than your skinny jeans (who even wears those anymore) or those statement earrings you wore all of once that cost a fortune.

Women are realizing that their yoga clothes are not just something to sweat into, they that you respect yourself and you respect your workout. Young mothers are also realizing that once they get into their yoga clothes in the morning, they tend to not get out of them until after the kids have gone to sleep because they are airy, comfortable and hide the signs of young kids wash after wash.

We at Female For Life are thrilled with this trend. It puts keeping active and being comfortable whilst doing it in the headlines (just where we like it).

The Female For Life yoga clothes range is designed to ensure that you can have it all in 2014. From neon colors to mottled prints, the range has something for everyone.Leopard Print Leggings

The hottest styles in 2014 based on a bumper 2013 will be:

Leggings with Animal Prints: Leopard Print Legging and Tiger Print Leggings

Harem pants in plain colors and Animal Prints: Loungewear Style in Leopard and Tiger

Mesh Tops: Dotted Cover Tops

Crop Tops: Comfort Bra, Sports Bra and Bra Bella

Sleeveless hoodies: Leopard Sports Jacket, Tiger Jacket, Sport Styling and Classic Sports Jacket

Which is your favorite style? Do you agree that yoga clothes are the new black dress?