A Beginners Guide to pre-natal Yoga

Author: Female For Life | 23 Mar 2012

What is Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga is a gentler form of yoga which comprises of poses that take into account the changes a woman’s body during her pregnancy. The combination of poses and breathing exercises assist and strengthen the muscles and joints as they adapt to the influx of hormones. Care is taken to ensure poses account for increased flexibility during pregnancy but also take into account and women are more prone to injury doing pregnancy.

Image 0998I have never done yoga before, can I just start pre-natal yoga?

Before starting any new form of exercise (especially when pregnant), it is wise to consult with a doctor. However pre-natal yoga is an extremely gentle form of exercises that in many cases can aid pregnancy, labour and make it easier to get back into exercise after birth.

It is also useful to purchase some maternity exercise clothes to make sure you are always feeling cool and comfortable.

I’m already into yoga, what should I do when I know I am pregnant?

Anyone who has been to a couple of yoga classes knows that a good yoga instructor will always ask who is menstruating in the class. The reason for this is the adjustment the changes in hormones have in your joints and flexibility and the teacher will guide you in what poses to avoid or go easy on.
Once you know you are pregnant, even if yoAZLoungewear Fitness Range 2013 79u haven’t told your friends, you should tell your instructor.
Certain types of Yoga and certain poses (or postures) may place unnecessary strain or stress on your body, particularly your abdominal area and your back. You need to take responsibility for your body and ensure your has experience in teaching yoga to pregnant women and if they are not they should be able to recommend a specialized Prenatal Yoga instructor.

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy.

Many of the benefits of Yoga become even more useful during pregnancy. Pre-natal yoga can offer a pregnant mum:
A strong core, which will relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy and help with overall posture
Controlled breathing which is widely used during childbirth and is depicted in too many Hollywood movies.

What does a typical pre-natal yoga class look like?

Pre-natal yoga is a much slower, gentler form of yoga which consists of a lot of breathing exercises. You are likely to be surrounded by mums to be who are all experiencing the miracle of pregnancy. It’s a great environment to start making friends who are going through the same experiences you are, especially if you are having your first child.
Remember at all times to listen to your body and ask your instructor for guidance if you are having difficulty with a certain pose. He/she is there to guide you through this special time in a calm, relaxing and supportive environment.

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