5 Yoga Lessons for Life

Yoga is not simply a beautiful exercise form but a way of life. The lessons learnt during your time on the mat can make a meaningful difference in your everyday life and how you deal with and react to things.

5 of the best lessons to learn are:

  1. Breathe. In yoga we are always reminded to focus on our breathe. yoga clothingYoga breathing is recommended by psychologists and psychiatrists to help manage stress. So when you find things overwhelming and are struggling to focus on the important things… remember to breathe.
  2. Accept. Not every day and every situation is going to go your way and each day you (and your body) are sightly different. The stretch you were able t reach yesterday may not be the one you are able to reach today, but each day is a new day and a new lesson and an opportunity to improve and work on something different. Accept your limitations. That is the yoga way.
  3. Release and Re-align. There are many roads to the same outcome in life. Sometimes you try one way but only come up against obstacles. Just like in yoga there may be a pose that you really struggle with. Try another pose – take a different less traveled route. You may find the end result to be the same and far better suited to you.
  4. Kula / Share. Kula is a Sanskrit word meaning community of the heart. In yoga we often use each other for support and help just as we do in life. Lean on others and use your fellow yogi’s as a support towards development.
  5. Live in the present. One oftens finds that when one is not in the present and ones mind is on other matters that keeping yoga poses can be far more challenging. The more focused you are in the moment the better the yoga session. This is a metaphor for life. Live and be in the present and you will find that everything you do has a better outcome and more meaning. Also ensure that your yoga clothes are comfortable as it is hard to focus and be in the present otherwise

What other lessons have you learnt from yoga?