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Weight Management is something most women struggle with. Here are some tips to keep you healthy and on track.

Weight Loss Journal

Keeping a Weight Loss Journal

Keeping a weight loss or food journal is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal if you want to lose weight and be healthy. Here’s why.

Author: Melanie Becker
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Do Fitness Apps Really Work?

The rise of smartphone exercise apps mean keeping fit is as simple ever. Or is it? We take a look at the most popular apps, and the pros and cons of using them.

Author: Female For Life
Getting Summer Fitness Ready

Getting Summer Ready

Getting ready for summer can be an emotionally and physically stressful period. This post offers some tips on how to navigate this as easy as possible.

Fitness Resolution tips

The new year is here and so is the fittest and healthiest year of your life, just follow these helpful tips

Author: Female For Life

Core Workout

Having a strong core has several benefits and should be a core component of your exercise routine. This article gives you a core workout for every day,

Author: Female For Life

The Definition of a Yummy Mummy

The phrase has become popular, but what does it really mean to be a yummy mummy?

Author: Female For Life

10 weight Loss Tips for Brides

10 Weight Loss Tips for Brides. Want to lose weight for the wedding? Interested in Bridal Weightloss and Wedding Weight Loss? Read our easy to implement tips.

Author: Female For Life

I have no time but want to get fit - help!

Do you want to get fit but find you hardly have any time? Here are some tips to get fit for the time poor.

Author: Female For Life

The fear, anxieties and facts of body image

Having a wonderful body image is so important for women but there are fears, anxieties and facts, this si how you tell which is which

Author: Emily Murray

High fibre or high protein?

When looking to reduce blood pressure it is always a question of wether to go high protein or high fibre

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear

Nutritional Benefits of probiotics

What are probiotics, and which foods contain probiotics? What are the health benefits ... What are the side effects and risks of probiotics?

Author: Evan Jerkunica

Does dieting make you food obsessed?

Does dieting make you food obsessed? What can you to do ensure that you lose the pounds but still keep a healthy head?

Author: Gabrielle Masto

Tired of falling off the weightloss treadmill?

Most dieters only last 2 weeks on a strict eating plan

Author: Mark Richardson

Bringing up the kids is easy... try dieting!

Eating healthily is something we all struggle with. Sometimes raising a family is less daunting!

Author: Jean Griffiths

Burning off your favourite treat

Have you ever wondered how much exercise it would take to burn off your treat?

Author: Gabrielle Maston

Can stress make you gain weight

Can stress make you gain weight. Dr Duncan Hunter looks into this frequently asked question

Author: Duncan Hunter, Dietician