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Ensuring the track pants you buy are comfortable and suited to your figure is so important to ensure you keep as motivated as possible. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to keep to your fitness goals.

FEmale For Life reviews

Female for Life Ambassador: Meet Erin

Learn more about our Female For Life customers, including more about their lifestyle and family set up, what they do to keep fit and what they do for fun.

Author: Melanie Becker
New years resolutions fitness and health

New Year’s Exercise Resolutions: Why They Fail

Read why New Year Resolutions on exercise often fail, and how you can adjust them to make them more achievable. Find out more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Nikki Parkinson from Styling You loves Female For Life

Nikki Parkinson from Styling You loves Female For Life

Nikki Parkinson is the guru on styling and fashion advice and trends. Millions of women follow her and the activewear she loves best is Female For Life

Author: Melanie Becker
Female For Life Customer Reviews

Why People Love Female for Life Activewear

Real life feedback from customers on which Female for Life products they love, why they love them and what they use them for. Find out more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Exercising in your 30s and 40s

Exercising in your 30s and 40s

Our top tips for exercising in your 30s and 40s including being consistent, following your preferences and listening to your body. Find out more.

Author: Melanie Becker
10tips for healthy holidays thumb

10 Tips for Healthy Holidays

10 tips to make your holidays healthy, from mindful eating to helping others to giving someone a hug – so you can emerge in January feeling good. Read more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Why wearing activewear everyday rocks thumb

Why Wearing Activewear Every Day Rocks

Comfort, convenience, confidence and keeping things simple: there are so many reasons why wearing activewear every day is growing in popularity. Read more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Capsulre workout wardrobe thumb

Creating a capsule summer workout wardrobe

Investing in a capsule summer workout wardrobe means investing in a few high quality staple pieces that will last no matter how much you wash and wear them.

Author: Female For Life
Barre is the new Black - thumbnail

Ballet Barre is the New Black

All you need to know about Ballet Barre: why it’s a global trend, the physical & mental benefits are, plus what you can expect at your 1st class!

Author: Female For Life
Yoga for newbies thumb

Yoga Clothes For Newbies

Namaste, yoga newbie! The first thing to think about is what to wear while you practise. Here’s the lowdown on what to wear for your first class – and what to avoid.

Author: Female For Life
comfortable sportswear leads to motivation

How the right active wear can help motivate your healthy lifestyle

How the right activewear can help motivate your healthy lifestyle! Female For Life has fitness clothing to help motivate and inspire.

Author: Anastasia Amour
Getting Summer Fitness Ready

Getting Summer Ready

Getting ready for summer can be an emotionally and physically stressful period. This post offers some tips on how to navigate this as easy as possible.

Dance and Zumba to Fitness

Dance & Zumba your way to fitness

Dance and recently Zumba offer an alternative way to get you fit and active in a fun and judgement free environment.

Author: Female For Life

5 Benefits of yoga for Men

The benefits of yoga for men are incredible. Bring yoga to the men in your life

Author: Female For Life

The different types of yoga

For those not familiar with yoga, this is a great introduction to the most practiced forms of yoga in Australia.

Author: Female For Life

Are Yoga Clothes the New Black Dress?

Have yoga clothes moved from the back of your closet to your go-to outfit for any occasion? You re not alone, yoga clothes are the new hot fashion trend for 2014

Author: Female For Life

Pregnancy Workout Myths

Is it safe to workout when pregnant? Is it safe to exercise when pregnant? Find pregnancy workout myths debunked.

Author: Female For Life

What sweatpants are best for your workout?

When working out your sweatpants or womens running clothes can make a huge impact on your comfort and therefore your motivation to go harder

Author: Female For Life

The Definition of a Yummy Mummy

The phrase has become popular, but what does it really mean to be a yummy mummy?

Author: Female For Life

Pregnancy Clothes - Looking for something fun and stylish?

Finding flattering pregnancy cltohes can be pretty toughm check out Female For Life's goregous range of amternity sportswear for both prenatal and postnatal stylishness.

Author: Female For Life

Being Pregnant - it's tough to find clothes

Finding comfortable maternity clothes when you are pregnant can be tough. Our gear is feminine and comfortable

Author: Female For Life


Looking for sweatpants that keep you dry and cool no matter how hard the workout? Browse through our gorgeous leggings, sweatpants, ¾ bottoms, yoga gear and sports tops.

Author: Female For Life

Female For Life Fitness Gallery

The latest videos and images on our gorgeous womens sportswear and activewear. Come and see why Australian women are raving about Female For Life womens activewear and gym wear.

Author: Female For Life

5 Yoga Lessons for Life

Yoga is a beautful exercise form that teaches us many lessons on how to live a better and more meaningful life.

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I have no time but want to get fit - help!

Do you want to get fit but find you hardly have any time? Here are some tips to get fit for the time poor.

Author: Female For Life

Get in Shape for Your Wedding

Losing Weight for your wedding day is on the mind of most brides who want to look their best.

Author: Female For Life

Keeping active during winter

Keeping active during winter can often be difficult. It's cold, you're cold and that packet of maltesers is harder and harder to resist.

Author: Melanie Becker

The Perfect Yoga Pants

Yoga pants need to be comfortable and breathable to keep your focus on your stretch. The Female For Life yoga range is feminine, environmentally aware and won't fade or lose its shape. For style and comfort visit us today!

Author: Female For Life


Female For Life is one of Australia's leading womens activewear brands. Come and explore the exciting range of womens activewear today.

Author: Female For Life

Fitness Clothing - Fashion or Fad?

Is fitness clothing a fashion or fad? Comfort, style and colour all influence how likely you'll be to hit the gym. Discover more at Female for Life Activewear.

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear
Create a fitness plan

Plan your exercise to become a habit

Finding time to get your exercise done is often a challenge, planning your exercise and fitness regime beforehand in weekly chunks makes it easy to be organised and stay motivated

Author: Female For Life