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At Female For Life, we love our fitness clothing for women, and we like our customers to know up front what things cost.
No fiddling around with your order before you get told the delivery fee!

Shipping Type

Australia & New Zealand

Rest of the world

The United States & Canada


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Shipping fees are based on the original price of the items not the discounted price from promotions or sales.
Orders are packed and dispatched within 24 business hours express post. Delivery within Australia is next day and international 8-10 business days. You will receive a tracking number overnight to monitor your items. You can also track your order history here: order history page.
Please note:
1) We subsidize the cost of delivery. Therefore, if you supply an incomplete/incorrect address, do not pick up the item in time from the post office or return the item to sender without a return authorization all which result in extra administration and cost we will charge you the true amount for delivery. This is USD$8.16 for domestic and USD$17.00+ for international orders (dependent on weight and location)
2) International orders: Female For Life is not responsible for any duties, customs or GST that may be incurred in the country of delivery.
Please note the post office only keeps items for 7 days: Sometimes you don't get to the post office in time and they send the order back to us. In the case of this happening you will be charged a processing and re-delivery fee of USD$8.16 so watch out for those postal cards in your post box or monitor your tracking number!

International Exchange Rates

All Transactions in Australian Dollars
All transactions on Female For Life are processed by your bank in Australian Dollars. Your bank will determine the exchange rate at the time of sale, based on your agreement with them. They may also impose a conversion fee, depending on your agreement with them as a cardholder.

Non-AUD Currencies Are Indicative Only
Amounts shown when you select a currency other than AUD are for information purposes only, and rates for the actual transaction may vary slightly. Female For Life makes no guarantee of the accuracy of the indicative rates shown, or that you will be able to obtain those exchange rates.

Where Do Displayed Exchanges Rates Come From?
The rates shown are publicly available and identical to those provided by the European Central Bank and are updated each banking day. However, it's your bank that determines the final rate paid at the time of the transaction. You should check with them first if you're at all concerned.

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