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Getting the right comfort and support when you workout is critical to keep you motivated. Often traditional sports bras cut into the breasts and sides due to their wire structure. This wirefree bra ensures comfort at no cost to support. It ensures your breasts are separated to avoid chafing and keeps your bust close to your chest. Also ideal for breastfeeding mothers and those recovering from breast surgery.

Product features

  • Crossover front elastic to separate the bust and redistribute the weight
  • Neoprene support panels inside the bottom cup creates a better shape and stabilises the bust
  • Elastic straps can be adjusted at the front or the back
  • Straps can be released at the front or the back making it a perfect option for breastfeeding mothers
  • 4 x 3 back hook adjustment, allowing for greater adjustability
  • High quality back mesh to hold the back and support the entire bra
  • Brushed inside cup for comfort
  • Non wired bra but technical design has provided an excellent shape with enhanced support
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