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Battling body image can make it difficult to motivate oneself to exercise. We explore these issues in a series of articles and advice

why your skin care is important for your health

Why skin care is important to your health

Taking care of your body doesn't stop at the gym and the check out at the supermarket, make sure the skin care products you use are healthy too. Read more

Author: Melanie Becker
Improving hip health in women

Exercises to Improve Hip Health

Approximately three quarters of all hip fractures in Australia occur in senior women, making it essential for women to make lifestyle changes to prevent hip damage later in life.

Author: Sally Diamond
5 mum exercises

6 Exercise Tips For New Mums

If you’re a new mum, a regular exercise routine can help boost your energy levels. Here’s our roadmap of six exercise tips to help you get back into the game.

Author: Melanie Becker
New years resolutions fitness and health

New Year’s Exercise Resolutions: Why They Fail

Read why New Year Resolutions on exercise often fail, and how you can adjust them to make them more achievable. Find out more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Female For Life Customer Reviews

Why People Love Female for Life Activewear

Real life feedback from customers on which Female for Life products they love, why they love them and what they use them for. Find out more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Exercising in your 30s and 40s

Exercising in your 30s and 40s

Our top tips for exercising in your 30s and 40s including being consistent, following your preferences and listening to your body. Find out more.

Author: Melanie Becker
10tips for healthy holidays thumb

10 Tips for Healthy Holidays

10 tips to make your holidays healthy, from mindful eating to helping others to giving someone a hug – so you can emerge in January feeling good. Read more.

Author: Melanie Becker
WIN $500 Healthy Living Package

WIN USD$300.00 Healthy Living Package

Sign up to our Female for Life offers and you could win a USD$300.00 Health Living Prize Pack thanks to I Quit Sugar, the Online Jewellery Company and Female for Life.

Author: Melanie Becker
Top 5 Exercise Excuses – and How to Get Over Them thumb

Top 5 Exercise Excuses – and How to Get Over Them

Why are so many of us resistant to exercise? Find out the five most common excuses we use not to exercise, as well as how to get over them – read more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Why wearing activewear everyday rocks thumb

Why Wearing Activewear Every Day Rocks

Comfort, convenience, confidence and keeping things simple: there are so many reasons why wearing activewear every day is growing in popularity. Read more.

Author: Melanie Becker
Fitness App thumbnail

Do Fitness Apps Really Work?

The rise of smartphone exercise apps mean keeping fit is as simple ever. Or is it? We take a look at the most popular apps, and the pros and cons of using them.

Author: Female For Life
comfortable sportswear leads to motivation

How the right active wear can help motivate your healthy lifestyle

How the right activewear can help motivate your healthy lifestyle! Female For Life has fitness clothing to help motivate and inspire.

Author: Anastasia Amour
start loving exercise

How to remove your mental blocks and start loving exercise

If you’d much rather do literally anything else apart from put on your running shoes and sweat it out, or if you find yourself negotiating and justifying your way out of exercise you’re not alone.

Author: Anastasia Amour
Getting Summer Fitness Ready

Getting Summer Ready

Getting ready for summer can be an emotionally and physically stressful period. This post offers some tips on how to navigate this as easy as possible.

Dance and Zumba to Fitness

Dance & Zumba your way to fitness

Dance and recently Zumba offer an alternative way to get you fit and active in a fun and judgement free environment.

Author: Female For Life

Fitness Resolution tips

The new year is here and so is the fittest and healthiest year of your life, just follow these helpful tips

Author: Female For Life

Pregnancy Workout Myths

Is it safe to workout when pregnant? Is it safe to exercise when pregnant? Find pregnancy workout myths debunked.

Author: Female For Life

Why not just go for walk?

Walking can be the best form of exercise, Try incorporate it into your every day. Also wear comfortable sportswear and keep hydrated.

Author: Female For Life

Make your workout.. WORK for YOU

Has your workout become routine? Do you want to spice things up and keep your motivation going? Check out this awesome new article

Author: Female For Life

Core Workout

Having a strong core has several benefits and should be a core component of your exercise routine. This article gives you a core workout for every day,

Author: Female For Life

Best Yoga Poses for plus size women

Being plus size doesn't mean that yoga isn't for you, but it does mean you should take special care of your joints. Here are some suggested yoga poses for plus size women

Author: Female For Life

Bootylicious Bum Routine

Like your bum, but looking to LOVE your bum into being bootylicious? Get off the couch and try out our bootylicious bum routine

Author: Female For Life

Stretching Workout Routine

The importance of stretching is often underestimated. The advantages are many including toning and reducing injury. Try out this simple routine to ensure you are properly stretched

Author: Female For Life

Exercise to increase your life span

How much exercise do you need to do to gain the benefits of exercise? How much is enough?

Author: Female For Life

The Definition of a Yummy Mummy

The phrase has become popular, but what does it really mean to be a yummy mummy?

Author: Female For Life

Being GFC Friendly

Times are tough, so we have made them a little less.... tough :)

Author: Female For Life

Being Pregnant - it's tough to find clothes

Finding comfortable maternity clothes when you are pregnant can be tough. Our gear is feminine and comfortable

Author: Female For Life

How To Stay Fit & Comfy While Pregnant

Looking for quality maternity clothes for exercise when you are pregnant? Our gorgeous, feminine and comfotrable range is perfect for both inside and outside of the gym.

Author: Female For Life

Keeping to your new years resolutions

Keeping to your new years resolutions can be tough. Here are some tips to keep to your new years resolutions.

Author: Female For Life

5 Yoga Lessons for Life

Yoga is a beautful exercise form that teaches us many lessons on how to live a better and more meaningful life.

Author: Related article: Make your home yoga friendly

Getting "Heady" for the Beach

Getting ready for summer isn't jsut about getting body ready - but "head" ready. Here are some of the common excuses used and how to avoid thinking them.

Author: Female For Life

10 weight Loss Tips for Brides

10 Weight Loss Tips for Brides. Want to lose weight for the wedding? Interested in Bridal Weightloss and Wedding Weight Loss? Read our easy to implement tips.

Author: Female For Life

I have no time but want to get fit - help!

Do you want to get fit but find you hardly have any time? Here are some tips to get fit for the time poor.

Author: Female For Life

Get Fit at Home

Can't afford gym membership? Get fit at home with 6 steps: Activewear, trainers, gym equipment, sports bra, nutrition and planning

Author: Female For Life

Kickstart your health / weight loss journey this spring

Kick start your weight loss journey by following these easy to use tips including: love exercise, building a strong network, celebrating your successes and more.

Author: Female For Life

Benefits of listening to music for your workout

The benefits of listening to music for exercise are massive. Find the right music to get you up and motivated.

Author: Female For Life

A healthier you throughout the day

To help you keep motivated throughout the day - here are some tips to plan out a healthy day

Author: Female For Life

Get in Shape for Your Wedding

Losing Weight for your wedding day is on the mind of most brides who want to look their best.

Author: Female For Life

Why Incidental exercise?

The benefits of incidental exercise and some easy ways of bringing it into your life to make you the healthiest version of yourself. Read More

Author: Melanie Becker

Keeping active during winter

Keeping active during winter can often be difficult. It's cold, you're cold and that packet of maltesers is harder and harder to resist.

Author: Melanie Becker

The fear, anxieties and facts of body image

Having a wonderful body image is so important for women but there are fears, anxieties and facts, this si how you tell which is which

Author: Emily Murray

Want to stress less

Stress and anxiety are more common in this modern era, more so than ever before. Stress can affect your metabolism

Author: Gabrielle Maston

Nutritional Benefits of probiotics

What are probiotics, and which foods contain probiotics? What are the health benefits ... What are the side effects and risks of probiotics?

Author: Evan Jerkunica

Does dieting make you food obsessed?

Does dieting make you food obsessed? What can you to do ensure that you lose the pounds but still keep a healthy head?

Author: Gabrielle Masto

Tired of falling off the weightloss treadmill?

Most dieters only last 2 weeks on a strict eating plan

Author: Mark Richardson

Bringing up the kids is easy... try dieting!

Eating healthily is something we all struggle with. Sometimes raising a family is less daunting!

Author: Jean Griffiths

What motivates women to workout

Finding the right activewear is often a struggle. Fit, comfort, colours, fashion - so much to take into account and in the end it's so important to get it right!

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear

How to promote health for your family

Promoting healthy behaviour for your children is important to ensure they develop knowledge and good habits. This will help them keep healthy to adulthood.

Author: Erick D. Smith, Content writer for
Create a fitness plan

Plan your exercise to become a habit

Finding time to get your exercise done is often a challenge, planning your exercise and fitness regime beforehand in weekly chunks makes it easy to be organised and stay motivated

Author: Female For Life

A new kind of resolution

Raise your hand if youve ever made a New Years Resolution to reach a certain weight, clothing size, or body shape?

Author: Ashley Solomon, Psy.D

Why preparing your new years resolution in advance is a good idea

the top ten new years resolution are something to talk about every year, and better health is always a part of that list

Author: Female For Life

Are women being catered for by the fitness industry?

IS there a massive gap between the gear we want to wear and the gear the brands are making for us? Do women want to look like men when they work out or do they want to be feminine?

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear

Want to get your man to exercise with you?

Doing exercise with someone makes keeping to an exercise regime much easier. It makes you accountable and it means you won't get lonely or bored :)

Author: Martha Lourey-Bird, Fitness Editor

Anything he can do –women can do it (better)

Modern society focuses upon the differences between men and women more than the similarities. However in some circumstances like fitness its important to understand the differences

Author: Adam Stanecki, Fitness Coach

How to beat food addiction and emotional eating

Do you suffer from emotional eating? Here are some handy tips to help you break free of food addiction!

Author: Susan Living, Health Coach Extraordinaire

7 tips for a great nights sleep for women

Struggle to sleep properly at night? Here are some great natural tips to help increase those zzzzzzzzzzzz's

Author: Emily Macgregor, Naturopath

Your body is a sexy machine

Exercise and fitness are core to keeping a healthy lifestyle both in your persnal life and your professional life

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear

Feel beautiful when you exercise

Feel beautiful when you exercise, no matter what your shape & size. Female for Life Activewear stocks flattering, comfy gym gear for sizes 6-24. Visit us today.

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear

You are beautiful, deal with it!

Being positive about your body is very important. The more positive you are, the better you will feel and the more confident you will become in all aspects of your life

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear

Healthy Christmas Tips

Christmas can be a stressful time of year and health and fitness often takes a back seat to shopping and eating. Here are some simple and practical tips to help you get through it.

Author: Female For Life

Living a Healthy Life

Being healthy isn't just about exercise and nutrition, it's about how you live your life. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to ongoing health and happiness.

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear