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Exercise and building lean muscles increases your metablosm. Finding the right exercise regime for you will help you reach your well being goals

5 mum exercises

6 Exercise Tips For New Mums

If you’re a new mum, a regular exercise routine can help boost your energy levels. Here’s our roadmap of six exercise tips to help you get back into the game.

Author: Melanie Becker

Women in Sport

Come and see this informative infographic on 'Women in Sport'. This infographic has been designed to provide inspiration to girls and women that are interested in sports and fitness.

Author: Female For Life

Exercise for wellbeing

Modrn life is stressful, so make sure your workout really count. Read some tips on how to save time and beat stress here.

Author: Female For Life

Why not just go for walk?

Walking can be the best form of exercise, Try incorporate it into your every day. Also wear comfortable sportswear and keep hydrated.

Author: Female For Life

10 weight Loss Tips for Brides

10 Weight Loss Tips for Brides. Want to lose weight for the wedding? Interested in Bridal Weightloss and Wedding Weight Loss? Read our easy to implement tips.

Author: Female For Life

I have no time but want to get fit - help!

Do you want to get fit but find you hardly have any time? Here are some tips to get fit for the time poor.

Author: Female For Life

Tired of falling off the weightloss treadmill?

Most dieters only last 2 weeks on a strict eating plan

Author: Mark Richardson

Bringing up the kids is easy... try dieting!

Eating healthily is something we all struggle with. Sometimes raising a family is less daunting!

Author: Jean Griffiths

Burning off your favourite treat

Have you ever wondered how much exercise it would take to burn off your treat?

Author: Gabrielle Maston

Finding the Right Gym

At some point in our overweight and unfit lives we've all had the new year's resolution to "join the gym"

Author: Jean Griffiths

Can stress make you gain weight

Can stress make you gain weight. Dr Duncan Hunter looks into this frequently asked question

Author: Duncan Hunter, Dietician

7 tips for a great nights sleep for women

Struggle to sleep properly at night? Here are some great natural tips to help increase those zzzzzzzzzzzz's

Author: Emily Macgregor, Naturopath

Your body is a sexy machine

Exercise and fitness are core to keeping a healthy lifestyle both in your persnal life and your professional life

Author: Melanie Becker, Founder of Female For Life activewear