The Definition of a Yummy Mummy

So over the past years this term Yummy Mummy has gained momentum. It was probably meant to be a positive term when it was first coined, but as time has gone by for many it has become yet another standard for women to aspire too (like working, having a baby and running a family isn’t enough – now we also need to look yummy whilst doing it!).

Women, as beautiful as we ALL are, we also tend to be highly critical of ourselves. Body image is an issue that is becoming more and more of a problem with too many of us being in unhealthy weight ranges due to pressure from the “general public”. The fact is not all of us are built to be lean and not all of us are built to have curves, we are who we are.

So in an attempt to put the positive meaning back into the yummy mummy, I thought why not put some definitions around what a yummy mummy is:

A yummy mummy is a mum who:

  • Gives incredible cuddles
  • Who has a smile first thing in the morning
  • Makes her husband feel treasured, handsome and sexy
  • Makes her children feel loved, safe and secure
  • Cooks warm, healthy food whenever she has a free moment
  • Can laugh at her own mistakes / forgetfulness and sillyness
  • Dances with her children (or alone) whenever she has the energy (and sometimes when she doesn’t)
  • Teaches her children how to blow kisses (and receive them back)
  • Has water fights with the family – and sometimes starts them
  • Has a date night with her husband
  • Wipes away tears and replaced them with butterfly kisses and hugs
  • Sings in the car
  • Believes her husband is the best husband in the world
  • Knows, without any doubt, that her children have the most beautiful souls

What have we missed something off the yummy mummy list?