Pregnancy Workout Myths

A common misconception of pregnancy is that exercise is a no no. The myths are that exercising during pregnancy leads to increased risk of miscarriage, specifically for women who run or do abdominal exercises.

However this is not the case, exercise is in fact very healthy for both mum and bub, but you need to be smart about things. If you weren’t a runner before, this is not the time to begin training for a marathon. Stick to the exercise that you body is used to and perhaps add some resistance training and yoga/pilates which will make your body and core stronger

Pregnany workout mythsPregnancy workout myth #1: Starting to exercise can put your baby at risk
Exercise is always good for you, especially when you are pregnant as it stimulates blood, oxygen and keeps bub healthy. Although you should take it easy initially with 10-15 minute sessions and build up to 30 minutes.

Pregnancy workout myth #2: High intensity activities should be avoided
Your body can handle a lot more than you think. You can jog, do strength training and aerobics all the way into your third trimester. Simply be careful not to overheat.

Pregnancy workout myth #3: Being pregnant is tiring enough, exercise will burn off the energy you have to get through the day!
Exercising can often boost energy. It stimulates positive endorphins and other happy drugs and hormones throughout the body. However if you are already exhausted for the day don’t push yourself, try to get your exercise in at the beginning of the day to boost you.

Pregnancy workout myth #4: Exercise will make me nauseas
Exercise won’t make you nauseas or increase your morning sickness, however if you are feeling dizzy, do not exercise. Wait for the moment to pass and assess whether to perhaps take an energised walk instead of your usual workout.

Pregnancy workout myth #5: There is no maternity sportswear available that is comfortable supports my new (and bigger) tummy

Female For Life has heaps of styles that you can wear both inside and outside the gym, so don’t use your wardrobe as an excuse to not be the healthiest you.

What to think about before you start working out whilst pregnant.
Whilst exercise in general is good for you, not all forms of exercise are safe during pregnancy. Exercise that involves balance should be reconsidered or only practised with help as once you start showing your body weight gets redistributed and your balance is often affected.
Additionally avoid doing abdominal exercises whilst laying on your back past the first trimester as the uterus on the vein that supplies blood from your heart to the rest of your body, so any pressure on this could limit the flow of nutrients to the placenta.

Cautions & Warning:
Pregnant women who are thinking of starting an exercise regimen should first consult with their doctor. The risk of injury is increased during pregnancy due to a number of hormonal and other changes in the body so rather be safe and consult your doctor.