How To Stay Fit & Comfy While Pregnant

Author: Female For Life | 23 Apr 2012

Tagged: Gym Clothes, Health & Wellbeing, Motivation, Positivity, Pregnancy Fitness, Womens Activewear

When you are pregnant keeping healthy and fit can be a challenge. Your body and mind are changing with every day and exercises that you found simple and easy to perform a few months ago may become incredibly challenging and sometimes dangerous for bub.

The new pregnant you needs to ensure that you are wearing sportswear that suites the rounder, sleep deprived pregnant you :). So some tips to help you choose:

For your bottoms either choose fabrics that are free flowing and in no way constriction of your pregnant belly, or choose maternity bottoms that are specifically made for a pregnant tummy. These maternity sportswear bottoms often talk about 3in1 support. In other words they offer support for your tum (both horizontally and vertically) and your back.

For your maternity tops you have a lot more room to play. However when you are pregnant your core body temperatures rises so its important to wear fabrics that don’t make you even hotter. So avoid polyester at all costs.

Your breasts also increase when you are pregnant (halleluyah), so you may find you need extra support. Many women also find underwire bras become very uncomfortable so try finding a sports bra that is underwire free and flexible.

Female For Life maternity sportswear is perfect for when you are pregnant. We have a number of bottoms including our prenatal pants that offer 3in1 support and our loose fitting Cullotes are great to simply walk around and breathe.

Our maternity tops are also great for post natal use. Many are made from loose fitting stretchy organic fabrics that are great for when you are breastfeeding. And when you wear them with our Sexy Bra’s you will not only feel supported and comfortable you will look fantastic.

Being pregnant is such an exciting and inspirational time in your life. Don’t waste your time wondering aimlessly trying on uncomfortable maternity sportswear, just click and surf through our online range knowing if you aren’t in any way not happy you can return your items no questions asked!