Postnatal Clothing

Author: Female For Life | 19 Jun 2012

It's been an incredibly exciting year, getting pregnant, having bub and now you find yourself in a postnatal state of exhaustion. You really want to get back into a fitness regime but you don’t feel confident enough in your postnatal body.

Many... in fact I would suspect MOST women feel insecurity around their postnatal bodies. Your breasts are still swollen, along with your tummy and your maternity sportswear no longer fits and neither does your prenatal activewear. But getting back in shape during those initial postnatal stages is really important to help you clear your head and give you some extra energy to help you through the restless nights.

Female For Life has a fantastic range of gear to help you through the postnatal months and beyond. Our range includes a number of styles that give ample space around the tummy but don't have those maternity sportswear look, they simply look stylish.

Our bottoms are great for postnatal exercise as they have a thicker band around the tummy to support and suck in your tummy. We have styles available in a wide range of funky styles and colours and you can even see what the styles look like on your body shape, from the comfort of your own home.
Our activewear tops include a number of free flowing loose fitting tops in some fun and stylish colours. They are generous around the tummy area and are made from fabrics perfect for hot and humid climates. They are also fantastic to wear with jeans and pants for a casual day out.
Trying to keep postnatal fit has never been this stylish and comfortable :)

What even better is you can mix and match colours season after season as new ranges come out and you move from postnatal to either maternity sportswear again or to an "after baby" stage.

No matter your stage, or age, Female For Life want to ensure you have the sportswear to make yourself good motivated and confident to keep active and fit. So if you can't find exactly what you are looking for in your postnatal state (or in general), send us an email and let us know and we will endeavour to find something that suits your needs.