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Author: Female For Life | 28 Apr 2012

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Are you a soon to be mum struggling to keep fit and active during her pregnancy? Look no further than the gorgeous Female For Life range of sportswear / leisurewear for maternity.

The Female For Life brand is already synonymous with catering for women of all ages... now we incorporate all stages too. Female For Life gear is worn by thousands of women across the world and the addition of our maternity sportswear range is sure to take the maternity world by storm.

Our gorgeous mum tops come in a variety of fresh and rich colours and fabrics that are smooth to the touch and will keep mum cool and dry. As a new mum this is often the difference between an enjoyable and unenjoyable day of searching for that new pram! Our tops are great to be worn both during pregnancy and afterwards as they tend to hide muffin tops and general tummy wobble after your bundle of joy has been born.

Mum can also find some great bottoms to make walking and doing those grocery shops that much more pleasant. Our mum bottoms and maternity sportswear is perfect for yoga and all sorts of prenatal exercise types. The gear does not pill and you can match your outfit with our bottoms to complete your fitness look – hot!

Our sports tops for mum are sexy and practical. Made without any underwire they offer fantastic relief when breastfeeding. They are also quick drying in case of any leaks and the darker fabrics hide any leakage issues you may be suffering from (oops).

Looking at the range holistically the Female For Life mum maternity range is the perfect choice to keep mum happy and comfortable.

So when you become a mum to be, pop online and check out our gorgeous range.

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It’s good to be a mum!