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Creating a capsule summer workout wardrobe

For many of us, getting into a proper exercise routine is far easier to do during the summer months. Good weather means you don’t need a lot of motivation to get outside and work up a sweat, whether you’re swimming, running or even just walking your dog on the beach on a sunny morning.

To gear you up for an active summer, we’ve rounded up some ideas for a capsule summer workout wardrobe. The key idea here is to invest in a few high quality staple pieces that will last and still look good no matter how often you wash and wear them. Also, keeping the capsule pieces relatively plain in terms of style and colour means you can mix and match them with brightly coloured or high fashion workout clothing and still look pulled together.

Here are our seven essentials for a summer capsule workout wardrobe:

Basic Sports Bra

1. A really great sports bra. Whether you’re running, jumping or flipping your downward dog, your first workout clothing staple should be a quality sports bra that suits the kind of exercise you’re doing. Strenuous exercise like running means you’ll need more support in the bust area, while with low-impact exercise like swimming or yoga this is less important. In all cases though, choose a bra that’s comfortable to wear (typically that means no underwire), that’s breathable on your skin as you sweat, and that doesn’t chafe or constrict your breathing as you move.

Our top pick for low impact workouts:

2. A dark pair of leggings. Whether you’re sweating it out at yoga, on a run or in a dance class, a good pair of leggings will keep you dry and comfortable while you exercise – and will flatter your curves as well. Full length leggings are also great workout clothes where you need extra grip such as in a yoga or Pilates class, or on cooler days when you want extra coverage. Dark leggings also don’t show sweat marks and underwear lines as much, and they can be worn with almost anything.

Our top pick:

3. Three quarter pants. On hot days, three quarter pants keep you cool while still giving you good coverage. This length of pants is also flattering on most body types – whether you’re short, tall, voluptuous or somewhere in between.

Our top pick:

4. A racerback workout top. A racerback workout top keeps you cool by keeping your shoulders and chest area uncovered (just make sure you wear sunblock if you’re heading outside!). If your bust is on the smaller side, a great quality racerback top also means you can skip wearing a bra underneath for even more comfort and coolness.

Our top pick:

5. A workout t-shirt. Some days you’ll want your workout gear to give you a bit more coverage up top while still keeping you cool. A well-cut sport t-shirt will do this while still keeping you looking and feeling great. Workout t-shirts are also great for layering over singlets or even a funky sports bra – and they make a great addition to your casual everyday wardrobe.

Our top picks:

6. A long sleeve workout top. In the early morning or evening or on cooler days you may want that bit of extra warmth without wearing a proper sweater. A long sleeve workout top is the perfect solution – and you can layer it up with a racerback top underneath, for example. Long sleeve tops are also great as activewear while you warm up or cool down before and after a workout session.

Our top pick:

Looking and feeling good while you work out doesn’t mean spending a fortune on a cupboard full of workout gear. Rather, be selective and choose a few high quality staples that will last you well past the summer months – and that will keep you comfortable and cool as you get that heart rate up.

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