Your womens fitness clothing

Author: Female For Life | 17 Oct 2012

Womens fitness clothing has become the ultimate fashion accessory, especially in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere where temperatures tend to be on the warm side for most of the year. It has escalated from that daggy pair of sweats you have had for the past 10 years that is faded and has pilling all over it to stylish, feminie and sexy attire that shows of your curves and your style!
So what womens fitness clothing items do you have in your cupboard that drastically needs to be culled!

What’s HOT:

So the lists of whats hot in womens fitness clothing (other than everything on the Female For Life website) is the following:

- Bright colours that show your sassy side
- Matching tops and bottoms to give you a funky outfit
- Fitness clothing that flatters your body shape
- Fabrics that are quick drying, water and odour resistant to keep you feeling and looking oh so coooooool.
- Good quality trainers that ideally (budget permitting) match your outfit (the ultimate is cute)
- A good supportive sports bra that keep everything in check.

What’s NOT HOT
So this list is a mixture of things that make womens fitness clothing uncomfortable and / or daggy!
- Anything made out of cotton. Yes I know you are thinking – are you crazy? Cotton is THE best for exercise, all womens fitness clothing should be made out of cotton! But you would be totally wrong. The growers of cotton must have had one hell of a campaign back in the day because most people are under the impression it keeps you cool and therefore perfect for exercise. The former is the true but the latter is not. Cotton absorbs sweat which results in chafing which can become incredibly painful. Cotton also fades, loses its shape and can start to pill after only one or two wears.
- Headbands – seriously ladies, this is one of the rare fashion items from the 80’s that is never going to make it back in! Ditto for shuffle socks and a perm !
- Baggy t-shirts and tracky dacks. So yes I understand for those of us who feel uncomfortable wearing tight womens fitness clothing outside of the bedroom that leaving our big t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms at home is a big step, but the reality is these items are both not comfortable to exercise in and not flattering.
- Trainers / sneaker with no support that aren’t appropriate for exercise. This is one of the things that so many people skimp on. Getting comfortable trainers is so important to protect you from injury and pain.
- Unsupportive sports bra. Other than the clear and consistent messageing that exercising without the correct support can damage your breasts, it is not a good look!

OK so you know what to do now ladies, go out and get HOT