Your day can affect your night

Author: Female For Life | 29 Aug 2011

How you spend your day is going to affect your nights’ sleep. It’s a simple equation but one we often forget all too easily. Here’s how to look at your day and set yourself up for a good nights’ sleep.

Mornings: Stick to a schedule. Waking up at a different time every day teaches your brain and body that there isn’t a specific time for it to be awake and asleep. Send your body a clear message when it needs to be asleep by going to bed the same time every night and setting your alarm for the same time every morning.

Noon: Keep Active. Exercise is a fantastic remedy for bad sleep. On average, exercise reduces the time it takes to fall asleep by 12 minutes, and increases your total sleep time by a massive 42 minutes. Even incidental exercise can vastly improve your sleep. So grab you activewear and get active.

Sexy night sleepAfternoon: Limit your alcohol. More than a glass of wine is too much for your body to metabolise before you go to sleep and can affect your night’s sleep. So just have one glass – it’s enough.

Evenings. Chillax. Spend time relaxing and winding down from the day. Read a good book or do something creative to relax your mind. Avoid watching TV as it can have an affect on the quality of you sleep.

Bedtime. Sexy time. We all know it. Having sex before sleep helps you relax and wind down and can give you a great nights’ sleep. Also try sleeping naked. Duvets are built to regulate heat and pajamas affect that regulation. Once you go commando you don’t go back J

Extra tips: Try rescue remedy or melatonin. They are both natural and are great for enhancing the quality of your sleep and reducing stress and anxiety.