The Perfect Yoga Pants

Author: Female For Life | 26 May 2011

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To practice yoga properly it is imperative that your yoga pants aide the restful nature of yoga and do not distract you from relaxing. In essence your yoga pants should feel like a second skin. Each movement, slow and stretching needs to be supported by yoga pants that move with your body, and most importantly stay in position.

Yoga, a state of perfect spiritual insight anDownward Facing Dogd tranquillity needs concentration and relaxation. If your yoga pants are too tight or too loose it can be distracting and uncomfortable and detract attention away from the benefits of yoga. Wearing supportive yoga pants has a significant impact on your ensuring you are getting all the relaxing advantages from every stretch, movement and position so you can concentrate on your yoga breathe.

Your yoga pants also need to keep dry. Fabrics that absorb sweat, like cotton, sound great but can often result in sweaty patches which can irritate the skin and absorb odour that cannot be washed out. It is important to wear fabrics that are quick drying and do not chafe and pill to minimise this. These fabrics also tend to last much longer and keep their shape after washing. Female For Life use supplex for all their yoga pants. Supplex is quick drying, odour resistant, does not fade, pill or lose its shape making it the perfect fabric for yoga and many other exercise forms.

Yoga pants also need to be very stretchy and giving as many positions require rubbing against your mat or other equipment. Female For Life yoga clothes are of an extremely high quality and the benefits of the supplex really come into play when the temperature starts rising. Female For Life yoga pants are available in all sizes from 6 through to 24 so whether you are starting your yoga journey or are a mastered yogi, we have the style for you.

Female For Life yoga pants are available in a mixture of fun and striking colours from nature as well as the more traditionally yoga earthy colours.

Female For Life also have a strong ethical vision. We offset our carbon footprint by planting trees in sustainable forests and manufacturing in ethical warehouses

Relax as you browse through our yoga pants to get started on your path to relaxation, or contact us if you have a question. Namaste!

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