Womens sportswear

Author: Female For Life | 04 Oct 2011

The average women struggles to find comfortable womens sportswear. What’s amazing about this is that 87% of us believe that wearing comfortable womens sportswear keeps us more motivated to exercise. So what has happened to the comfortable womens sportswear, where did it go? Was it ever really there in the first place? womens sportswear

The fitness industry is predominantly composed of men. If you have ever visited a fitness expo you will agree with this. At least 40% of the stands are dedicated to bulking agents for body building.

As much as there has been an increase in womens sportswear labels, many of them target women who are already in shape. What about the plus size clothing? What about styles for the real woman?

AZLoungewear Fitness Range 2013 15Female For Life womens sportswear was developed to plug this whole. Our womens sportswear is made by women for women, and once you wear our gear you will be able to see why 94% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.

We use fabrics from around the world, including Australia to manufacture our womens sportswear. Colours and designs are both for style and for function with our pants having re-enforced bands about the waist and our tops incorporating looser fabrics with cuts to cover the jiggly bits.

So if you are sick of looking daggy when you go to the gym, try out our womens sportswear – you won’t regret it!