Why preparing your new years resolution in advance is a good idea

Author: Female For Life | 22 Dec 2010

Tagged: Family Fitness, Motivation, Positivity

Every year round about this time we start getting fairly contemplative and think about our mark on the world. We think about how we can be better moms, better friends, better daughters, better colleagues. We think about how we can be better to our planet and most of all we think how we can be better to our bodies.
I reckon it's the number one resolution year after year - this year I WILL be healthy, I will set exercise goals and I WILL keep to them! But then tragedy strikes!
We wake up on Jan 1 tired, hungover (either from alcohol or from copious amounts of sugar from some fabulous chocolate dessert we overindulged in) and those goals... well it's too hard to open our eyes and get out of bet let alone go for a walk / run. So we delay (we are so good at delaying) It becomes a "when I go back to work" or "when my husband goes back to work" or "when my kids go back to school" thing. We do eventually get into the swing of things but usually by then Australia day has come and gone and we are already 1 month down!
But what if you could change this cycle and get on the exercise and health wagon now?
Well my little trick is... plan your exercise regime BEFORE New Years Eve. Write down a list of activities you can do that get you outside and active with the family for those first few weeks in January. Things like family hikes, picnics and camping are great. You get a chance to spend meaningful time with your loved ones and get your heart rate up at the same time.
To help motivate you even more - tell your husband / friends / family - anyone you know who will support you and help motivate you. Put signs up on your front door so every time you leave home you think about your goals and even go as far as get your fitness clothing ready the night before so you don't back out in the morning.
2011 can and will be the year you get fit and healthy, and Female For Life will be here to keep you motivated.
Happy New Year everyone!