What motivates women to workout

For the past few months Female For Life has been running an online survey to find out what YOU feel about your activewear, your body and what motivates you to keep active.

Over 600 women across Australia and New Zealand filled in the survey and the results are not surprising but really disappointing to see how many women are unhappy with their bodies and their activewear.
First let's start by understanding the breakdown of women that responded to the survey.
demographics of women women with children
And then the interesting results on what "average" body sizes are and how women feel about their bodies:
Female Body Image
What I find really interesting is that women in the petite sizes are twice as likely to be the same size on top as on the bottom. Women who are size Sexy tend to be equal on top and bottom and Curvy women are more likely to be pear shaped. Voluptuous and other women are once again similar sizes on top and on the bottom. Now things get really interesting when we look at does body size influence body image?
Body Image vs Body Size
Petite and Sexy women have similar results with few unhappy with their bodies, however Curvy, Voluptuous and Other shaped women are more likely to be unhappy with their bodies.
The most upsetting result is overall less than 2% of women are very happy with their bodies. 2 %!!!!
Another 17% happy - that makes 81% of women feeling that their bodies are "ok" or worse. What a upsetting statistic!
Amazingly over half women surveyed have stopped / avoided exercise because their workout wear was too uncomfortable and over 63% found it difficult to simply find gear that suited their body shape.
And finally! The below statistic blew me away: Over 87% of women surveyed found that wearing flattering and comfortable workout gear made them more motivated to exercise.
activewear makes you more motivated to workout
That's right ladies, get your fabulous buts into some comfortable gear and you are 87% more likely to keep working out! If there was ever a reason to keep a new outfit, this is it!!!
And finally WHAT IS FEMALE FOR LIFE going to do about all these facts?
Well we are in the process of designing a number of gorgeous new tops and bottoms based on your feedback and suggestions. Tops that are round neck, v-neck, with shoulders, without shoulders, are long sleeve, short sleeve, mid sleeve and 3/4 sleeve. Shorts, skorts and capri style bottoms. Items in fun colours and comfortable fabrics that you can wear to the gym and still feel good enough to wear afterwards, so hang in their ladies... help is on the way!
Melanie Becker founded Female For Life in 2009 to make women feel beautiful when they exercise. For more about Female For Life click <>
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