What does your yoga clothing say about you

Author: Female For Life | 17 Oct 2012

Tagged: Gym Clothes, Health & Wellbeing, Womens Activewear, Yoga Pants

Yoga is a way of life and the yoga clothing you choose can make you feel either comfortable or uncomfortable in a yoga studio.

Your yoga clothing needs to be fit for purpose. What this means is that your yoga clothing needs to blend into the background to the degree that you don’t notice what you are wearing and you can focus solely on your practice.

What this means is that your yoga gear needs to be comfortable. It needs to be comfortable for your body shape so that it sits in place and it needs to be comfortable for the environment. Some forms of yoga are practiced in a heated room so the need to wear yoga clothing that breathes is key in keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your class.

So what does comfort mean for your yoga clothing? First let’s take a look at your yoga pants. Most yoga positions involves fairly stable movements although this depends on the form of yoga you are doing. For styles like vinyasa and power yoga movements are dynamic making the need for you to wear tight fitting pants critical for not getting “stuck” in the fabric of flowing yoga pants like for example Culottes. However for relaxation styles and the more traditional Hatha yoga forms, loose flowing fabrics can be the ultimate form of comfort.

Now, your yoga top. Regardless of the yoga form, wearing fitted tops make a massive difference in your comfort. There is often and to of twisting, sometimes standing on your head and just generally a bunch of positions you wouldn’t find yourself in every day. Therefore wearing a yoga top that keeps in place and doesn’t fall down or move around can make a significant impact on your practice. This isn’t to say you need to wear a skin tight yoga top, just something that is relatively fitted.

For example the image on the right shows an outfit perfect for a relaxing Hatha practice. The yoga clothing has yoga pants that are loose and flowing and a yoga top that is fitted and stay in place.

How you wear your hair. What I have learnt is that wearing your hair in a long ponytail is the best for yoga. A tight pony tail often gets in the way of a lot of the reclining poses. Besides letting your hair relax along with your body just adds to the atmosphere of the class.

Hopefully these tips will help you be comfortable in your yoga clothing and in your next yoga class.