Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Author: Female For Life | 02 Oct 2011

Losing weight can be extremely difficult for a lot of women. The pressure of the day can result in stress Healthy Lifewhich in turn can lead to over-eating. But losing weight for your wedding, as with losing weight for any other goal is achievable if you are committed and motivated.

If you are determined to lose weight for your wedding, then the following tips will help guide you in the right direction.
Wedding Weight Loss Tips:
Go Low: The idea is to keep your calories LOW and your GI intake LOW. Calories have a direct relationship to kilojoules which is the measure of energy used by the body. So the less calories you eat, the less kilojoules you eat meaning the less you need to burn off. Low GI food refers to the Glycemic Index which is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on sugar levels. Food with low GI takes longer for the body to break down and releases glucose slower into the bloodstream. In English this means that low GI foods give you energy over a long period of time instead of in short high bursts. Low GI foods therefore keep your energy levels maintained.
Portion SizesSmall and Simple: There has been a LOT of research proving that the size of our dinner plates has increased significantly over the years. So try eating on a smaller plate or in general always try and leave some food on your plate. Also keep your food simple and unprocessed. Processed foods are often high in sugar and preservatives whilst low in nutritional value and fiber. If you find that by eating three meals a day you are ravenous by the time the next meal comes and you overeat then try eating 5-6 smaller meals a day to control the hunger pangs.
Keep active: There are heaps of ways to get motivated to exercise. You can get your bridesmaids involved to workout with you, you can buy yourself a new pair of trainers or new womens sportswear and you can prepare in advance by filling out an exercise fitness planner. You can also increase you activity levels by incidental exercises.
Try Yoga or pilates: Both yoga and pilates can be beneficial for your wedding. It's not just about weight loss and tonight up, yoga and pilates strengthen the core which improves your posture making you look longer and more graceful. Yoda especially is also very relaxing and helps to manage stress levels for your wedding
In the end you need to find what works for you. But following these wedding weight loss tips can definitely be a start in the right direction.