Careers that keep you fit

It's easy to comprehend the idea that working as a personal trainer or some other type of fitness expert would keep you in shape. That completely makes sense.However, what people don't realize is that there are a lot of other kinds of occupations that can help you get (and stay) very fit. In the spirit of helping people achieve their goals, here are the top 8 careers to keep you in shape (other than personal training).

1.Delivering Parcels and Packages

Whenyou work delivering packages all day, you get a lot of exercise. Walking to and from your truck and to and from the front doors of countless people helps you stay fit. You also have to carry heavy items quite often, so you get yourworkout in that way, too.

2. Bike Courier

Ridinga bicycle is good exercise. While you're not necessarily working your upper body as much as you should be, your legs are getting exercise and you're getting a cardiovascular workout as well. It's a healthy way to make money and stay fit at the same time.

3.Landscaping and Yard Care

Digging in the soil and moving heavy rocks and plants around is definitely a workout.When you do that for several hours a day, at work, you'll naturally be more fit than if you worked a desk job, all other things being equal. How hard you work in the yard and how quickly you complete tasks will also help control yourlevel of fitness.


It'snot as taxing as some of the other careers, but it still burns calories. You'd be surprised how much of a workout you get by cleaning an entire home, and some professionals clean many homes in a day.

5.Construction Work

While there are construction workers with beer guts and other problems, most of them are in pretty good shape. They have to be, because they need to be able to move and work a lot. They can't do that if they're too heavy or not properly conditioned. They end up being leaner and fitter because of the work they do and also because it makes their work easier.


Like construction workers and landscapers, painters are always moving, bending, and using their bodies. Because they're so active, they burn more calories and are generally fitter than people who are more sedentary.

7.Childcare Workers

This might not seem like much of a workout, but anyone who's ever cared for even one child for a few hours knows that it's a lot of work. You carry the child, run around with him or her, and play games and other activities where you have to move around quite a bit.

8. FarmWorkers

If you're up with the sun and taking care of animals all day, you're going to be in decent shape. It's hard work.

There are plenty of jobs you can do where you can stay fit. If you're not into personal training but want a healthy job, look for something where you can stay active all day. There are many places to learn more about health and wellness - by learning more about what makes your body work, you can learn how to incorporate fitness into everyday life.

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