Author: Female For Life | 23 Nov 2011

Tagged: Gym Clothes, Track Pants, Womens Activewear, Yoga Pants

Do you wear sweatpants to the gym? If you do you know that finding good quality, comfortable sweatpants can sometimes be as difficult as your workout. Many sweatpants fall when exercising, dry out your skin, fad and just generally begin looking daggy after only a few washes.

Sweatpants - Female For Life

Female For Life have a range of activewear and specifically sweatpants that combine fashion and function. Available in a range of fresh colours and styles designed to contour the female form, our gear lasts for ages and is super comfy to wear.

We produce a new fun range every quarter and top up on your favourite styles inbetween. Each workout pants style is designed to specifically flatter certain body shapes, and we try and keep the colours of the season so you can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe. We also prefer bold colours that are fresh and fun, because if you dress for fun, you will feel fun – even when you're sweating it out in the gym!

Our sweatpants are also very functional. They do not fade, lose their shape and are water and odour resistant. They just keep going and going. Our sweatpants also have a re-enforced band around the waist ensuring your pants stay up, even when you’re in a heart pumping body combat class.