Power Up Your Day to Better Health

Author: Female For Life | 28 Aug 2011

We have all been those phases where you can’t not hit the snooze button a couple of times in the morning, you find you need extra sugar in your coffee... in fact you find you need 2 coffees to just get through the day. But if you feepower women activel sluggish constantly you need to think about the effect it is having on your wellbeing.

There are a few things that people overlook as causes of fatigue. Take a fresh look at your life and see what energy drains you can remove

Energy drainer #1: Listening to problems. Whilst this is part of every friendship there are some people who simply are never content. Try limit the face to face time you spend with these people or change the conversation to talking about more positive things. If you can’t stop them grab your activewear and get them to walk and talk it off, that way at least you can enjoy the walk and half listen to their problems. Listening to negative conversation can bring your entire mood down.yoga clothes

Energy drainer #2: Messy life messy mind. A Princeton University study found that clutter suppresses the brain reaction time, making it more difficult to mentally focus. No surprise then that 90% of people find that mess brings them down. So declutter your home and your office. Throw away old papers, unused clothing etc and get your mind tidy and back in the zone.

Energy drainer #3. Lack of physical activity. Whilst it doesn’t seem to make sense if you are already tired to then do some exercise, the benefits of exercise to both the quality of your sleep, mood, appetite and motivation are well documented. So ensure you activewear is always close at hand and build regular activity into your week.

Energy Drainer #4. Lack of Space. This is both mentally and physically. Many of us live in cities and can’t escape noise pollution at work or at home. So try to spend some of your weekend time where you can get some physical and mental space. Its a great way to give your activewear and body a workout. After getting some fresh air your mind will feel less foggy.

Energy Drainer #5. Being too connected. Nowadays with smartphones you can be contacted in several different ways ever second of the day. As fantastic as it is to keep in contact with people it’s really important to have quiet and alone time too. Ensure that your weekends are about family and you don’t take your work home with you. Try switching off your mobile for several hours or leaving it at home when you do exercise.

Energy Drainer #6. Lack of Magnesium. Your body needs magnesium to convert food into energy. 65% of women are deficient in magnesium so go buy yourself a good supplement and take it with food. While you’re at it get a good multi-vitamin to boost all your vitamin and mineral needs.

Losing weight is about choicesEnergy Drainer #7. Too much choice. I remember when I was younger if I wanted a sweater we went to the local store and bought whatever was available in a nice colour that fitted me and looked half decent. This wasn’t because my mother was dressing me on a budget. Life was simple. Our lives have become cluttered with choice. Combat this by making the decisions swiftly and based on facts. This isn’t just about shopping but about other decisions. Try and be clear about your goals.

Energy Drainer #8. Lack of Sleep. It’s an obvious one – but still a lot of us don’t get enough sleep in at night. There are several tips for a great nights sleep. So get your zzz’s in an boost your energy during the day.