Plus Size Clothing

Author: Female For Life | 09 Nov 2011

Plus size clothing is becoming more and more common in retailers across the globe. But just because it’s made in plus sizes doesn’t mean all plus size clothing is flattering for the curvier women.

It’s important to take many factors into account when buying plus size clothing. Colours, fabrics and overall design all play a part in ensuring the item suits you and is comfortable to wear.

When it comes to plus size clothing for sports and fitness, comfort and movement become 2 critical factors to ensure you spend your time working out not simply readjusting your gear. There are many tips for buying sportswear and plus size clothing is no exception.

Plus Size Clothing for Women

Female For Life plus size clothing for fitness is designed with this in mind. Styles are functional yet fashionable and the colours reflect the season and trends. Designs contour womens beautiful curves and enhance all the features you want to show off while minimising the features you would prefer to hide.

The gear also has a reinforced band around the waist ensuring your gear stays in place when you work out. Our plus size clothing comes in a variety of styles both for the top and the bottom. From tight fitting Bikram Yoga to looser more flowing styles like Bali Yoga on the top, and relaxed Lovable Legs and pumping Brasil Fitness on the bottom.

87% of our customers would recommend Female For Life plus size clothing for women and 85% believe that our gear has given them additional confidence motivating them to achieve their fitness / weight loss goals.