What sweatpants are best for your workout?

Author: Female For Life | 14 Sep 2012

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When exercising,, 87% of women feel that remaining comfortable motivates them to work out longer and harder. So what does this mean for your workouts? Do you have the right sweat pants and activewear to best match your workout and give you the best performance?

To help you get the best of out each exercise minute, here are some suggested items (and outfits) to wear when doing a variety of exercises

Running: Womens running clothes can be a simple pair of shirts and an old university t-shirt or you can go for the new trendy compression wear. However, unless you are running seriously, or in the cold, the need for compression gear is non-existent. Rather put your dosh into a good pair of sweatpants that will keep you dry and comfortable. Running can cause friction between the thighs and under the arms and for those blessed with a plentiful bust, between the breasts too. So ensure you gear is made from non cotton fibres to avoid pilling and therefore chasing. A good sports bra is also critical. Ensure it has sufficient support for your breasts – there shouldn’t be any jumping around!

Cycling / Spinning: If cycling in the outdoors, it is critical to have cycling pants with an inbuilt shammy. These can be found at your local specialist cycle shop. If you are a gym goer and cycling is on a stationary bike or in a gym class then a shammy – although comfortable is not really needed. Although on a bike, chafing can still be a problem so it’s important to wear sweat pants that are at the least just above your knees. The good news is, movement on the top part of your body is limited so any topImage 0320 goes!

Yoga / Pilates: Both yoga and pilates involve a lot of lying on the ground, twisting and moving around positioning that can make the comfort of your activewear really important. There are many brands that market themselves as “yoga wear” or “yoga clothing” but it is not necessary to buy something overly expensive or 100% cotton to do yoga. Unfortunately a lot of “yoga clothing” is made out of 100% cotton. While at a first glimpse this appears to be good for the planet, these items do not manage sweat well, tend to pill, break and lose their colour after a few washes, resulting in you having to but several more, which is NOT good for the planet. What is best is to find a good quality pair of yoga pants – lose or tight that you are comfortable in. In yoga, the top you wear should be tighter fitting as many of the twists can bunch you up.

Image 1006Zumba: Zumba is about having fun through dance. Great music, great moves and a bunch of gals (usually) wanting to get their groove on. Anything in the Female For Life range is good for Zumba, especially our funky workout pants as they will stay up no matter how much you jump around. It’s not something we promote enough but our gear is manufactured in Brazil, the motherland of Zumba. So shop away :)

Hope this article helps the next time you are getting ready for an exercise!