Keeping to your new years resolutions

Author: Female For Life | 26 Jan 2012

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With many health problems on the rise it’s always a good time to look at your health and make small changes with big rewards.

If you are struggling to keep to your new years resolutions, consider the following steps to help you achieve your goal and probably reduce your out of pocket health expenses.

Be specific about your goals: If your goal is for example to lose weight, you need to decide how much you want to lose, by when and exactly how you are going to happen. Don’t the daunted by the immensity of your goal, concentrate on the small changes you can make every day. Ask yourself every morning :”What can I do todaKeep motivatedy?”

Set mini deadlines: It’s all about taking baby steps. Set yourself realistic, achievable deadlines so that you can feel good and proud about your progress. Don’t set out to complete a marathon in a few short weeks if walking around the block is a struggle. Ease into things slowly to keep yourself motivated and avoid injury.

Don’t keep it a secret: Tell your friends, family and colleagues and try and enlist others with the same goals. This will help to keep you all motivated so when one person has a bad day, the rest of the group (or your loved ones) can help keep you positive and on track.

There is no such thing as failure: Many resolutions fall by the wayside because we give up the first time we break them. Think back to what you have already achieved. Celebrate the fact that you had a small chocolate instead of an afternoon on the couch with slab (or two). Be kind and gentle to yourself and pick yourself up, wipe it off and move on with your goals.

Make positive choices: New years resolutions should not be unbreakable promises to yourself. Look at them as positive statements to yourself about possibilities.

Ask yourself every morning – “what can I do today?”


Rowena said on: 5th January 2014, 7:23pm

So true, definitely going to give these a go - thanks for the tips!