Healthy tips for the every day

Author: Female For Life | 20 Aug 2011

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Sniff peppermint oil: It improves both your physical and mental performance and smells yummy! It can also help prevent brain fog, improving recognition memory, working memory and scores on task related to attention.

Detox your snack drawer: Rethink your snack draw and fill it with healthy snack foods high in protein to give your brain food. Seeds and nuts are a great start as well as low fat organic yoghurt (although keep these in the fridge). Be careful with the nuts though – its easy to just keep going so if at all possible pick out no more than 10 and then close the drawer!!! Another good tip is buy small fruits. If you are going to eat an apple find the smallest one in the supermarket.

Swap TV for a good book: TV is great to switch off but it uses the same side of your brain as work. When you read it uses the creative side of your brain giving your brain a chance to even out and relax. Books are a great way to escape so find a great one and snuggle up in bed. You will find you sleep deeper too.

Reduce processed meats: Whilst red meat is a great source of iron and protein it’s important to have healthy red meats. The thing is processed meats, infact processed anything is BAD. Preservatives and other additives simply clog your system up and can often make you retain or gain weight. So ignore the marketing and advertising on processed meats as healthy and low fat and stick to fresh (organic if possible) red meats.

Swallow your pips: The pips of fruits are rich in antioxidants, which is good for every aspect of your health, from your skin to protection against disease. For a super boost add some pomegranate seeds to your favourite salad

Sleep more, sneeze less: Hit the sack early. 7 tips on improving your sleep can help. You will also help yourself against hayfever. The more you sleep the easier your hayfever will be – pretty cool huh?

Buy some good gear: Invest in some good quality exercise gear that doesn’t dry out your skin. Keeping your skin moist and hydrated will keep you young looking for longer. Make sure it’s comfortable too – no point spending your exercise time re-adjusting your gear instead of actually working out.