Getting "Heady" for the Beach

Keep motivatedSummer is a wonderful time of year. People are out and about, having picnics, going to the beach. Hold on, doesn’t mean going to the beach mean you have to strip down and expose your body to others?

For many women (and men) the idea of being semi naked in public is utterly petrifying. But should this fear stop you from spending a day frolicking in the water and the sunshine?

Let’s combat each negative thought that may arise:

“Everyone will look at me”. Honey, you’re a lovely person but it’s not all about you… truly. Personally when I go to the beach I spend my time looking at the ocean, reading a book or chatting to family and friends. I spend zero time looking at other people… ok perhaps I spend a few minutes staring at the gorgeously chiselled gay men around the beach. But spending time looking at you… nope!

“Everyone who goes to the beach is skinny, I will be the biggest person there!” One thing is for sure – not everyone at the beach is skinny. Just like not everyone at your supermarket / gym / post office is skinny. Beaches are also REALLY big. So if you are the biggest person there does it really matter?

“I don’t have anything to wear” Really? Absolutely nothing? Just because you don’t have a swimming costume does not mean you don’t have anything to wear. You can wear your activewear. It’s quick drying and comfortable and often made out of similar fabrics to bathers so if you want to cover up a bit it’s a great choice.

So stop making excuses. Spending a day or a few hours on the beach smelling the sea air does wonders for the soul. It’s motivating and energising (free radicals and all). So don’t limit your mind (and your life) with negative thoughts. Pack a bag and go for a swim. And of course remember to slip, slop, slap!