Forget New Years Resolutions and Set Powerful Goals

Author: Female For Life | 05 Jan 2014

Forget Resolutions and set Powerful Goals
How many times have you made your new years resolutions with a champagne glass in hand after polishing off a feast of turkey, chocolate mousse and roast potatoes (not in that order)?

For many of us, sitting these “resolution” is a last minute thing that we merrily declare to the world (or the bottom of our champagne flute) before heading into a deep sleep. At the time we really really really mean it though – so why can’t we stick to them? What is missing? Is there a way to actually commit to these goals and is it too late to start?

The great news is that its NEVER too late to set yourself some powerful goals to transform your life.
The 4 basic rules to keeping to a goal are in this article here but its more than these tips, its about taking a good hard look at yourself and answering some questions:

1) Why have my goals not worked in the past?
2) Why are these goals so important to me?
3) Can I really expect to get a different outcome if I keep doing the same thing?
4) How can I change my thinking?
5) What worked for me last time?
6) What are the triggers that make me give up?
7) What helps to keep me motivated?

Be honest and open with yourself. Everyone is unique and special and its simply about taking the time and headspace to think about what it is you really want to achieve and how you are best going t achieve them.

Stay positive, the more often you ask yourself those questions, the better you will get to know yourself and the easier it will be to keep on track.

If you have a bad day, don’t let it get you down, pick yourself off, dry your eyes, put the chocolate away and keep going. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and you are going to be fit and fabulous