Don’t let your poor eyesight stop you from exercising

Author: Tim Hardwood | 23 Jan 2011

Tagged: Exercise, Fitness

Not having perfect eyesight can be anobstacle to exercising and sport but it really doesn't need to be. Just aboutall sports require vision to some degree and both performance and enjoymentwill be enhanced if you have perfect vision. Vision is absolutely crucial tosome sports such as archery and shooting, whereas is may not be quite asessential for long distancing running. Having said that, being able toappreciate the landscape you are running in will certainly add to yourenjoyment!

If you are someone who has poor vision thefirst thing you need to do is to book for an eye test to discuss your optionswith an Optometrist. Different options will be available to different peoplebased on your prescription and eye health. The following are the main optionsthat are likely to be available to you:

{C} Sports glasses: These are wrap around glasses that are designed to remain securely on your face without moving around. This will ensure that your vision is stable and there is no chance of them following off whilst exercising. You should ensure that they are 100% UV protected if they are for outdoor sport to protect your eyes from the sun.

{C} Contact lenses: These are an obvious choice for people who do lot of exercise and there are a few options that you will have to consider. Your choice is likely to be between monthly and daily contact lenses. Daily contact lenses are generally recommended for sport and exercise as they are cheap to replace should you lose one whilst exercising. One thing to bear in mind with contact lenses is that you will have to learn how to putthem in and out yourself and this can take some time initially. If you are determined to learn however you will almost certainly get the hang of it.

{C} {C}Laser eye surgery: For some people laser eye surgery may be their first choice, whereas for others it may be because they are not suitable to wear contact lenses.Laser eye surgery is without doubt the best option if you can afford the afford the cost of laser eye surgery. There are 2 main types of laser eye surgery and they are Lasik and PRK. Most people choose Lasik as there is a shorter recovery time following surgery than compared with PRK. If however you are involved in a contact sport such as martial arts, your surgeon is likely to insist that you have PRK. The reason for this is because there is no weakening of the eye during the PRK procedure which is particularly important if you do a sport where you could get hit in the eye! There is a slight weakening of the eye following Lasik surgery which is only an issue if you are involved with contact sports.


In summary, having poor eye sight should not be barrier to you playing sport or exercise regardless of the level you are performing at. There are plenty of options that will ensure that you can have the vision you require for exercising. Exercising is extremely important for leading a healthy life so don't let your eyesight stop you!

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