Bridal weight loss tips

Author: Female For Life | 30 Aug 2011

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. For many brides to be, this can mean losing weight to fit into that dream wedding dress. Bridal weight loss is so common that it's almost something to be added to the “to do” list for your wedding along with ordering the flowers. It shouldn’t be this way but many brides (and women) suffer from lack of confidence putting a massive amount of pressure to look good and lose weight for the big day.

So if you are a bride to be what can you do to keep your stress under control and lose weight for your wedding? Here are some bridal weight loss tips to keep it simple and keep you sane and healthy.

Bridal Weight Loss Tip #1: Eat healthily: It can be the hardest thing to change the way you eat, but you can start slowly. Start with ensuring that one meal a day is healthy. Eliminate packaged foods and use fresh ingredients. If you choose breakfast as the meal then choose sugar free and natural cereals and yoghurts. For lunch eat salads with minimal salad dressing and for dinner avoid adding complex carbohydrates like potato, rice and pasta.

Bridal Weight LossBridal Weight Loss Tip #2: Exercise Regularly: Food may be 80% of it but exercise has so many additional benefits that it would just be simply not to do it. From mental health to reduced stress the advantages are limitless. You can start small with a 30 min walk 4 times a week and go from there. Regardless plan your exercise so you get it in every week Get some great activewear so you can be sure to stay motivated and keep comfortable.

Bridal Weight Loss Tip #3: Don’t stop just swap. It’s all too easy to plan to ban certain foods from your diet, but the reality of life is that sometimes we didn’t cLosing weight is about choiceshoose the restaurant! So if you go out for a meal, check out the menu beforehand and make the healthy choice before you arrive

Bridal Weight Loss Tip #4: Make the bridesmaids your wingmen. Getting back in shape affects the relationships around you. Your bridesmaids can really help to keep you motivated. Enlist them to keep active with you. Schedule a walk a week with each one of them. Wear gorgeous fitness clothing and practice walking down the aisle except at a much faster speed J

Bridal Weight Loss Tip # 5. Keep smiling. Planning a wedding can be super stressful so try to keep positive about all the little things that go wrong (because they will and getting stressed won’t help). The tips above – exercise and eating healthily will help you keep positive. If all else fails and you feel the stress demons coming, just think about the groom and all the happy years you have ahead together.

If you follow these 5 suggestions we are confident you will be the poster child for bridal weight loss.

Remember: Always keep your bridal weight loss goals in mind. Discipline and confidence go a long way J. For more Bridal Weight Loss Tips see: 10 Bridal Weight Loss Tips