Breaking free from bad behaviour

Author: Female For Life | 01 Oct 2011

You’ve been there before and what a surprise!? You are back toKeep motivated counting calories, depriving yourself of life’s little pleasures and dreading that trip to the gym. Sound familiar? Most of us have experienced this at one point or another, however the patterns that threw you back into this cycle can be broken once and for all - it is now time for your personal diet revolution!

You must be READY to make that change in your life once and for all. Timing is important and so is willpower however what is crucial here is breaking away from those negative patterns and sticking to realistic goals and resolutions.

To help you break away from negativity and bad habits here are some tips to get your mind in order:

  1. Forget the “next week is a new week” and “I’ll start on Monday” excuse! Start TODAY and do not delay
  2. Reflect on your past attempts to lose weight as you would have learned something form each diet you’ve been on. Think about what strategies worked in the past and what you struggled with. It may be a case of a fad diet that worked for the moment but ultimately resulted in you ballooning out of control. Analyse your diet patterns to come up with a successful approach for your dieting future.
  3. Eliminate excuses and blame as they have no place in your dieting future. Accept responsibility for each and every action you take. There will be times that we may not have total control of a situation, accidents do happen after all! The key thing to remember is that ultimately YOU are responsible for your own actions.
  4. Plan ahead and set personal goals. Goal setting involves establishing Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-targeted (S.M.A.R.T.) objectives. Get a large piece of cardboard, an A4 paper or even your diary and write down all your health and weight goals. Keep them visible so that you can remind yourself daily of where you need to be and how you will get there. A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that goal setting increase your chances of achieving improvements in nutrition related behavious by 84 percent.
  5. Healthy LifeThink up a handful of scenarios where you might be likely to slip up and come up with ways to overcome these. For example, eat before a grocery shop to avoid picking up tempting items from the confectionary aisle, or swap a Cherry Ripe for some fresh cherries. Choices you make when you are in the moment play a big part in achieving those weight loss goals. Remember – you can swap things around rather then stop them all together. This will ensure you still treat yourself every now and then but not over indulge.
  6. Have fun – Whether you are a lover of the outdoors, an avid cook or a person of routine. START TO EXPERIMENT with new recipes, a new activity, a new routine. You may have to try a number of activities until you find the one that is right for you but in the end that activity will give you pleasure and make you want to keep going back for more.
  7. Visualise yourself at your goal weight. Place a photo on the fridge of someone that you perceive to be fit, healthy and sexy. It may even be an old picture of you 20kg’s lighter! Whatever you use, being able to visualise what you aspire to be will work to remind you each day of a new and healthier YOU.