A healthier you throughout the day

Author: Female For Life | 20 Aug 2011

Tagged: Exercise, Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, Motivation, Positivity

When you are truly motivated to keep healthy it is often on your mind most of the time. You are constantly think :”What can I do NOW to be healthier”. So why not break your day down into chunks and list all the things you can do at that time to keep to your health or weight loss goals? Sounds like a plan!

healthy fitness clock

6:30 Get some early exercise. If you aren’t a morning person this can be as simple as going for a 30 minute walk or doing some light stretching at home.

7:30 Have a healthy breakfast. Ensure you have some healthy protein (like egg) in your meal and avoid sugary meals like granola and sweetened muesli’s to keep your GI consistent for the day.

9:00 Swap the latte. If you can bear to - downsize from a regular to a small, replace the milk with skim or even better replace the coffee with a herbal tea. It’s better on your pocket too.

11:00 Have a healthy snack. Avoid having one of those office biscuits and replace it with a healthy small fruit or a small handful of nuts.

1:00 Enjoy your lunch. Get a healthy salad from the supermarket / deli or even better prepare one at home beforehand. And then GET OUT of the office and away from your desk. Walk to an open space (outside your building if the weather is good) and enjoy your meal in a relaxed environment. Your mind, as well as your body will be refreshed

3:30 Avoid 3:30itis. This time of the day is often the hardest to keep on track. Drink some water or have another herbal tea. If you need another snack then have some healthy nuts handy in your desk drawer. Worst case scenario go for a 15 minute walk around the block and clear your head.

5:00 Get active. If you didn’t have time in the morning get some exerciswomens activeweare in now. Go for a walk / to the gym – walk home. Wear your new activewear, look sexy and feel comfortable. Fit exercise into your day and you will feel fantastic.

7.00 Eat a hearty meal. Eat a healthy tasty meal – home prepared if possible. Avoid eating complex carbs like potato, rice, bread and cous cous for dinner. You will go to bed feeling lighter and excited about your commitment to yourself.

7:30 Enjoy a glass of red. Red wine – especially the organic ones have many advantages including high levels of antioxidants. Have a small glass of wine to help you relax and get into bed.

8:30 Stop and relax. Clear your mind of the worries of the day. Have a hot bath and get into bed with a good book.

Tomorrow is another day :)