How to make your home yoga friendly

Author: Female For Life | 12 Oct 2011

In an ideal world, we would all have a big airy, sunlit studio spaceyoga clothing in our homes. We would also have enough time in every day to practice yoga, meditate and in general relax into our day and our lives.

For the most of us, this is not a reality. But with some careful planning and creativity you can make your home your personal yoga Valhalla.

Here are a few tips to make your home yoga friendly.

1. Dedicate some space. All you really need is enough space for downward-facing dog. You don’t need an entire room. Dedicate an area of one room to where you practice your yoga. Make it somewhere where you can relax and do your practice without distraction. Setting a dedicated space will make you associate that space with yoga. Even when not practicing, you will find yourself breathing deeper and relaxing your shoulders just looking at the space.

2. Create atmosphere and inspiration. Everyone is inspired by different things. For me a beautiful view of greenery makes me feel centred and happy. What inspires you? Build a wall of inspiration or buy one of those inspirational posters. Give yourself something stimulating things to look at you give your yoga practice something extra.

3. Clear the energy. Whether or not you are into the spiritual side of yoga, clearing a room can make you feel great. I like to burn some incense or light a nice smelling candle. Others use singing bowls or even meditate. Do what you need to do to clear the air of any negative energy or thoughts before you start your practice.

4. Wear comfortable yoga clothing. Ever worked from home? It can be hard to get into the mood when you’re in your pyjamas. I know some people who get into a suit just to sit behind their computer at home because it helps them focus. The same for yoga. Put on your best yoga clothing to get yourself in the mood and get the best out of your time. Just the act of changing will get your mind focused.

5. Leave your shoes at the door. This is not about germs, but more around ritual. Leaving your shoes is like leaving your worries at the door. Your practice area is for you to relax and take it easy.

So what are you waiting for, find your space, take off your shoes, stretch your legs and breathe!