5 best smoothie recipes

5 Best Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Nutrition

What’s not to love about smoothies? They’re quick to make, easy to consume, taste delicious and are generally packed full of all the nutritious food your body needs. But if you’re not careful, you could end up with some nasty brown sludge that’s about as unappealing as a mug of swamp water. Here’s our round-up of smoothie recipes that taste as good as they look, and that gives you the ultimate liquid meal that’s packed with flavour:

  • Banana and berry

Frozen fruit is the key to a good smoothie as the ice adds a brilliant texture and temperature to the ingredients. Bananas are an excellent smoothie addition as they bring a creaminess and thickness to the mixture, plus freezing them is a good way of making sure you don’t throw them out if they’re going a little brown (just make sure you peel them before freezing). Throw in some blueberries, strawberries or raspberries, a bit of liquid like almond milk or coconut water, some protein like almond butter and you’re good to go.

  • Green smoothie

Everyone is drinking green juice these days and green smoothies are equally popular in nutrition circles. The reason they’re on everybody’s lips is because they’re rich in vegetables, making them generally lower in calories than smoothies packed full of fruit. Start with some really nutritious foods like spinach, broccoli, apple, ginger and maybe some orange juice, or throw in some lemon to balance out the flavour. The nutrients in these foods include the vitamin folate (broccoli), vitamin K (spinach) and vitamin A (apples).

  • Tropical Tastes

Nutritious food has never tasted this good: this one tastes just like a bowl of ice cream! Buy some vanilla yoghurt and combine with ice cubes and pineapple chunks for a smoothie that will make you feel like you’re lazing on a tropical island while drinking up a blend that will provide you with the optimum in nutrition.

  • Date my Smoothie

It may sound weird (and require a bit of planning) but softening dates in some almond milk for about 20 minutes before blending it with some ice can make the most delicious breakfast drink. The dates turn into an almost caramel-like consistency, making breakfast feel like a treat. You could also add some frozen bananas to this recipe and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

  • Vitamin Burst.

Feeling a bit low? Blend up some nutritious food like this vibrant combination of oranges, carrot, mango and a bit of celery. Top up with filtered water and blitz before consuming.

Smoothies are one great way to get the optimum nutrition from food, especially if you would not normally eat these ingredients as separate whole food items. Try out our five best smoothie recipes and get your day started in a healthy and delicious way.

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Edwina Becker said on: 6th March 2017, 5:30am

We must make these smoothies while you are here. Sounds divine. Sooooooo excited to see you!!! xxxxxx