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Our fitness clothing for women is sexy, flattering and comfortable. Based in Australia, we cater for sizes Petite to Plus and our sportswear is worn in the gym, for yoga, pilates or taking a walk in the park. Find your style today!

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Back Break  Travel Wear $76.99
Bali Yoga  Tops $69.99
Beautiful Buttocks  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $89.99
Bengal  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $99.99
Bengal Top  Tops $77.50
Bike Bum  Cycling Pants $69.99
Bike Rider  Cycling Pants $62.99
Blaze Sports Bra Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $42.50
Blaze Sports Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $69.50
Blaze Yoga Pants  3/4 Bottoms $81.50
Blue Lightning  Leggings $99.99
Body Bee  Maternity Tops $83.99
Body Love  Tops $85.99
Bombshell  Tops $73.99
Brasil Fitness  3/4 Bottoms $79.99
Brazilian Funk  7/8 Bottoms $91.99
New Bronte Gym Pants  3/4 Bottoms $82.99
New Bronte Top  Tops $65.99
Bumba  Jackets $99.99
Casual Top  Maternity Tops $79.99
Chameleon  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $87.99
Chillax Black  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $78.99
Chillax Grey  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $78.99
Ciara  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $85.99
Ciara Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $75.50
Circle Sports Pants  3/4 Bottoms $83.99
Circle Sports Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $78.99
Classic Sports Jacket  Jackets $49.99
Copacabana  Tops $65.99
Cover me Up  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $87.99
Culottes  3/4 Bottoms $79.99
Deco Style  3/4 Bottoms $80.99
New Demi  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $79.99
Disco Diva  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $82.99
Dot Zip Black  3/4 Bottoms $89.99
Dot Zip Lime  3/4 Bottoms $87.99
Dotted Cover Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $59.99
New Eagle  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $89.99
New Eagle Sports Top  Bra Tops $49.99
Empire  3/4 Bottoms $87.99
Empress  Tops $73.99
End Endo  Tops $81.99
New Eva  Tops $82.99
Fashion Victim  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $59.99
Fashionista  Travel Wear $99.99
Femme  Tops $59.99
Fitness Funk  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $82.99
Fitness Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $73.99
Flow Yoga Top  Maternity Tops $69.99
Foxy  3/4 Bottoms $78.99
Gaia  Maternity Tops $76.99
Getting Active  Tops $72.99
Gym Pants  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $0.00 $76.99
Gym Tights  3/4 Bottoms $84.99
New Gym Top  Tops $73.99
Hot Dot Lime  7/8 Bottoms $92.99
Hot Rocket Jacket  Jackets $129.99
Knight Rider  3/4 Bottoms $0.00 $83.99
New Lattice Leggings  Long Pants $99.99
Legging Love  Leggings $94.99
Leggings  Leggings $99.99
Leopard Leggings  Travel Wear $99.99
Leopard Lounge Top  Travel Wear $59.99
Leopard Loungewear  Travel Wear $116.99
Leopard Sports Jacket  Jackets $79.99
Leopardina  Tops $69.99
New Lioness  Tops $82.99
Lounge Top  Travel Wear $71.99
Loungewear Style  Long Pants $116.99
Lounging Comfort Black  Maternity Bottoms $79.99
Lovable Legs  3/4 Bottoms $89.99
Love My Bum  Cycling Pants $73.99
Lovely & Loose  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $78.99
Lynx  3/4 Bottoms $0.00 $82.99
Mum to Be (Prenatal)  3/4 Bottoms $79.99
Ocean  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $83.50
Ocean Blade  3/4 Bottoms $83.50
Ocean Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $77.50
Pilates Moves  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $69.99
Pilates Style  Maternity Tops $83.99
Plain is Perfect  3/4 Bottoms $87.99
Prenatal Pants  Maternity Bottoms $89.00 $89.99
New Pretty in Pink  Leggings $99.99
Rio Babe  Tops $65.99
Rockface  3/4 Bottoms $83.50
Rodeo Drive  3/4 Bottoms $82.99
Running Racer Grey  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $75.99
Running Riot  Tops $73.99
Sexy Bra  Bra Tops $45.99
Simple 7/8  7/8 Bottoms $94.99
Simple Bootleg  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $117.99
Simple T  T-Shirts $72.99
Smart Sports Jacket  Jackets $145.99
Solero  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $99.99
Spiral Sport Pants Grey  7/8 Bottoms $92.99
Splash Yoga Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $73.99
Sport Styling  Jackets $69.99
Sports Bra Top  Bra Tops $39.99
Sports Pants  7/8 Bottoms $90.99
Sports Pocket Pouch  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $75.99
Sporty Black  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $73.99
Sporty Lime  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $73.99
Sporty Spice  T-Shirts $62.99 $65.99
Sunset  3/4 Bottoms $83.50
Sunset Top  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $77.50
Sweat Pants  3/4 Bottoms $87.99
Talula Black  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $76.99
Talula Purple  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $76.99
New Tempra  3/4 Bottoms $0.00 $87.99
Thigh Cover  3/4 Bottoms $106.99
Thigh Lover  7/8 Bottoms $89.99
New Tiara  3/4 Bottoms $93.99
Tiger Jacket  Jackets $79.99
Tiger Leggings  Travel Wear $0.00 $99.99
Tiger Loungewear  Travel Wear $116.99
Tiger Sports Top  Travel Wear $59.99
Tigeria  7/8 Bottoms $76.99
New Tika  3/4 Bottoms $89.99
Triangle Top Black  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $76.99
New Triangle Top Pink  Tops $76.99
New Trio Yogapants  Leggings $94.99
Triple Sports Pants  Yoga Clothes (Pants) $82.99
New Tundra  3/4 Bottoms $93.99
Vixen  3/4 Bottoms $92.99
Yoga Body Suit  All-In-One Loungewear $109.99
Yoga Breathe  All-In-One Tops $115.99
Yoga Cool  Tops $69.99
Yoga Jacket  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $69.99
Yoga Love  7/8 Bottoms $89.99
Yoga Skort Black  Cycling Pants $69.99
Yoga Skort Grey  Cycling Pants $69.99
Yummy Mummy  Yoga Clothes (Tops) $65.99
Yummy Tummy  Maternity Tops $62.99
Zipper Pants Black  3/4 Bottoms $87.99

From workout pants, cycle pants and running shorts to tops, jackets and bra tops, we'll kit you out from head to toe with trendy, flattering fitness clothing that best suits your body shape - whether you're tall, short, curvy, voluptuous or petite.

The majority of our fitness clothing products are made from supplex, which is a breathable, quick-drying fabric that is odour, wind, water and stain-resistant, and facilitates perspiration to keep your body dry and your temperature stable. In addition, supplex also flattens your lumps and bumps while still being comfortable to wear, and the material holds its shape without wrinkling, shrinking or fading.

All our fitness clothing is designed by industry leaders in Brazil so you'll not only feel comfortable while you're active, but you'll look like a knockout too. And in the almost impossible situation that you find the gear isn't suitable you are more than happy to exchange and return the gear to us (see our Terms and Conditions for more information)

Browse our athletic clothing ranges above to get started, or contact us if you have a question.

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