Fitness trackers and fitness goals

Meet your 2017 Fitness Goals using technology

Author: Melanie Becker | 25 Jun 2017

Fitness trackers are amazing little pieces of technology that are as stylish as a watch but provide way more than a trendy fashion statement. They can monitor everything from your sleep patterns to heart rate to give you an accurate overview of your health. It’s no wonder, then, that over half of Australians now sport a wearable tech device! Here’s why these technological health gems are keeping women in-tune with their fitness goals:


Fitness trackers have an incredible ability to keep you motivated. Many of them have settings allowing you to create reminders to get up and move if you’ve been sitting for too long. You can also see how many calories you burn, the steps you take, and see how close you are to your daily goals. Sometimes, all we need is that extra motivation to finish strong when we want to quit – especially busy mums and businesswomen who have little energy left in the day!


When you have an accurate picture of your overall health, you’re more likely to understand what you need to tweak to reach your fitness goals. A fitness tracker uses incredible technology, like optical sensors and actigraphy, to monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns, respectively. You may learn from your tracker that interrupted sleep is causing your energy to drain through the day, making you focus on fixing the problem so you can meet your fitness goals.


Fitness trackers can provide a more accurate picture of your calorie burn, heart rate, step count, and other factors than you can estimate. Plus, what could be more convenient than having all that important information on your device? Trackers make it easier for you to access your fitness information quickly and you’ll know that it’s painting an accurate picture of your daily activities to help you stay on track.


One of the biggest motivators to reach your fitness goals can be staying in competition with friends – and yourself! Several companies are now using fitness trackers to motivate their teams to be healthier through friendly competition. More importantly, trackers help you continuously outdo your goals, which can both make you feel accomplished and lead to better fitness productivity.

Fitness trackers aren’t likely just a new trend – they’re the future of health and fitness. You’d be surprised how these small devices can create such a huge difference in your motivation to reach your fitness goals. It’s all in the wrist, ladies!

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