Tips about keeping active and weight management

Author: Female For Life | 09 Jul 2011

I often come across or get questions about exercise and fitness that I think - if more people knew it would be easier / more enjoyable to keep active and moving some of that excess weight you picked up after binging on Lindt might be a tad easier :)

Here are a few and hopefully I will be able to add to the list over time.
No carbs after 6pm: Reducing your intake of potatoes, rice ,pasta, breads or any other complex carbs significantly reduced the amount of calories you consume in the latter part of your day. This supports weight loss. Note: carbs are not the enemy - your body needs them to give it energy, you just need to be smarter about when you eat them and what kinds you eat
Drink coffee before a workout: Coffee is a great pre-training boost and is full of antioxidants to improve your health (although note that putting milk in the coffee will diminish the antioxidant benefits so a black coffee / espresso will have to do!). Caffeine is also very beneficial as there has been positive research showing benefits on both strength and endurance training. It also mildly reduces your perceptions of pain, allowing you to push a little harder. Also important to note that coffee reduces the bodies ability to absorb minerals so better to wait a while before taking your daily dose of vitamins.
Eat before your morning workouts: If you are a morning person and naturally have a lot of energy in the mornings, exercising on an empty stomach means you will burn more fat. But for those people who prefer to press the snooze button, if you do manage to exercise in the mornings it is advisable to eat a light carbohydrate meal before your workout. A small fruit or yoghurt should do it and post workout eat a good meal including protein to help muscle recovery. Always eat breakfast after a workout for a healthy start to the day.
Stay in the "fat burning zone": Training at a slower pace you burn a higher percentage of fuel than at a higher pace. At high intensity you burn more calories overall but not all calories are the same. So if you want to hit that fat store, keep it low
Sports Bra a must: Regardless of breast cup size, the overwhelming evidence is that wearing a sports bra during exercise is beneficial for minimising breast movement. Uncontrolled movement during exercise could place strain on the fragile tissues and ligaments within the breast. Ie too much bounce and your breasts will become saggy. Choosing a good quality comfortable sports bra is a good investment.
Getting dizzy during exercise: If you feel like this during a workout you are either dehydrated or your blood sugar level has dropped. Best thing to do is rehydrate and if you don't feel better, finish your workout and grab some carbs. If you feel like this regularly its a good idea to have the light carb (fruit, yoghurt etc) before your workout.