Work your Upper Abs

Author: Female For Life | 12 May 2013

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Step UpsRemember: It's always good to warm up before a workout so go for a walk around the block or on the treadmill before getting your core into shape with this workout routine

Upper Abdominal Exercise: Step Ups

Starting Position: Standing at the base of a standard sized step with your hands placed by your sizes you will be in a position to begin your step up exercise
Action: Start by lifting your left foot on to the step followed by your right foot until both feet are placed on the step. Once both feet are on the step lower your left foot back to the starting position on the floor followed again by your right foot to complete one repetition.
Special notes: Make note to focus on your breathing and keep a strong upright posture by tucking in your tummy to your spine to switch on your core.
Muscles / Benefits: Lower body toning and cardiovascular health
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Upper Abdominal Exercise: Elbow Knee Raises
Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and raise you hands towards your face so that your elbows point towards the floor.
Action: Draw your tummy in towards your spine and exhale as you lift your right knee up towards your left elbow. Make sure they touch and then lower your knee back down. Alternate legs so that your left knee is now raised up to touch your right elbow. Keep repeating this simple movement to engage your abdominals and create a great cardio exercise
Special notes: Keep your elbows high to ensure your hips achieve their maximum range of motion
Muscles / Benefits: Abdominals and Hips
Outfit: Bombshell and Double Trouble

Elbow Knee Raises 1Elbow Knee Raises 2
Upper Abdominal Exercise: Basic Crunch

Starting Position: Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, legs close together and hands behind your head or across your chest and focus on engaging your abdominal area.
Action: EXHALE (breathe out): by using your abdominals to perform a basic crunch with the aim of lifting your head, neck and shoulders slightly off the floor. INHALE (breathe in): Begin to slowly lower yourself back to the starting position with control to complete one repetition.
Special notes: To prevent neck strain always keep your shoulders relaxed and your eyes looking at the ceiling.
Muscles / Benefits: Abdominal strengthening and toning

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Sit Ups

Upper Abdominal Exercise: Seated Torso Twists
Starting Position: You’ll need a 1 – 2kg weighted object ( a medicine ball or dumbbell f you have one) that you can hold in both hands. Take a seated position on the floor with your knees bent and feet together in front of you. Draw your tummy button in towards your spine and slowly lean backwards 10 – 15 degrees until you feel tension on your abdominals.
Action: Taking the weighted object in your hands exhale and start to slowly twist your upper body to the left keeping your lower body static. Once you reach the 10 o’clock position start to return back to the starting position inhaling at the same time. Now you can repeat the same movement to your right hand side twisting to the 2 o’clock position and then returning back to the start position.
Special notes: Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling throughout the exercise and do not hold your breath at any stage. If using a weight is too difficult at first simply twist and touch your hands on the floor either side of the movement.
Muscles / Benefits: Abdominals

Outfit: Bombshell and Double Trouble

Upper Torso Twists 1Upper Torso Twists 2

Upper Abdominal Exercise: Childs Pose
Starting Position: Start in a kneeling position, lower your bum on to your ankles and keep your knees slightly separated.
Action: From this position Exhale (Breathe out) and slowly bend forwards at the hips moving your forehead towards the floor and your arms extending forward over you head. As you forehead and hands gently touchdown on to the floor slowly make a half circle with your hands from their forward position right down to your feet keeping your palms facing up.
Special notes: Relax and Enjoy :)
Muscles / Benefits: Back and Abdominal Stretch
Outfit: Bombshell and Double Trouble

Childs Pose