Why not just go for walk?

Author: Female For Life | 09 Oct 2013

Tagged: Exercise, Fitness, Health & Wellbeing, Metabolism, Motivation, Positivity, Sports Nutrition

There are so many good reasons to go for a walk. It helps you focus, brings clarity of mind, warms the body up and gives you an opportunity to get into the great outdoors. It can also be done regardless of whether you are pregnant or not (so not excuses). But walking shouldn’t only be put into the exercise bucket. You should try and incorporate it into every activity to keep you as active and health during each day.

Popping to the shops: Instead of getting into the car, take a walk to the shops to pick up the groceries. It’s better on the wallet as you save petrol, better for the environment and better for your body.

Meet you there: If you are meeting up with friends or family close by why not walk there and get them to drop you off on the way back. This is especially good before a meal as it gives the body pumping endorphins that will help you make healthy choices from the menu.

Explore your city: If you want to get to know the surrounding areas of your suburb, why not take a bus and get off somewhere you don’t know very well, explore and then walk back. It will give you a way to explore your area from the ground.

The not coffee catch up: Want to catch up with the girl or your partner. Take a walk; it’s a great way to get the tongue wagging and a great environment to talk openly and freely about the days frustrations. Let the endorphins get rid of all that stress and take a deep breath of some clean fresh air.

Take a break: Sitting at your desk all day can be tiring and is not good for your body. So try to take 2-3 fifteen minutes walk throughout the day. Your boss won’t notice or mind and it’s a great way to steal 45 minutes of exercise in your day. Who hasn’t got time for 15 minutes?

Walk to public transport: Instead of driving all the way to work, try parking a couple of kilometres away and walk the rest. It takes the average person btn 7-15 minutes to walk a kilometre, so it’s a great way to add up to an hour of walking into your day. Alternatively if you catch public transport, try walking to the next stop or the next one. Bus stops are on average every 400 metres so if you jump 3 that’s 1.2km. Also try get off a few stops earlier to give yourself some time to stretch your legs before getting home.

To shake things up try doing a different walk every day, soon enough walking will be part of your every day lifestyle. Always remember though to keep hydrated, wear a cap, sunscreen, appropriate shoes, funky fitness clothing and a great attitude.