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What Exercise Personality Are You?

Most of us know that exercise is good for us. But just as everyone is an individual, so we’re all different when it comes to how we choose to work up a sweat. Whether you prefer feeling centred from a yoga class or chasing after a hockey ball with your teammates, the beauty of exercising is how much choice there is. With that in mind, here’s our take on the main female exercise personalities:

1. The Group Exerciser

This woman loves the camaraderie of team sports like hockey, waterpolo, netball and basketball, or participating in team triathlons or duathlons. Chances are she has a strong competitive streak, and loves competing with others while being part of something greater than herself. Crucially, she has no problem waking up early on a weekend morning to join her teammates: rather than seeing it as a crushing commitment, it energises her.

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2. The Individual Competitor

While she may enjoy exercising with others, this woman finds more motivation in setting and beating her own personal fitness goals. As a result, she loves individual sports like running, cycling and triathlons. While she may have a competitive streak, she’s at her best when she’s competing against herself.

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3. The Zen Master

For these people, the mental advantages of exercise are as important, if not more so, than the physical benefits. These women prefer holistic mind and body exercise such as pilates, yoga or tai chi, where you train your mind to slow down and focus while toning and strengthening your body at the same time.

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4. The Gym Bunny

Either you love going to gym or you don’t. For these women, it’s definitely the latter. The main attraction of the gym to them is that it’s highly convenient – you can do lots of different kinds of exercise in one place, you can choose a gym close to your home or work, and you can work out no matter what the weather. Plus, most gyms also offer things like swimming and group classes, as well as normal weight and circuit machines.

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5. The Outdoor Fundi

It doesn’t matter what exercise she does – this woman just needs it to take place outside. This can mean trail running, hiking, mountain biking, swimming or power walking. You’re more likely to find these types if you live in a beautiful, outdoor-oriented city where there are more of these exercise choices available.

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6. The Trend Followers

This woman is always up for trying a new exercise trend, whether it’s a zuma class, a ballet barre session or a SoulCycle workout. The problem for this exercise personality is that she may get bored easily, which means she’s more prone to chop and change exercise types. And while that can keep things fun and fresh and combining different types of exercise keeps you more toned, it means it can be harder to get into an exercise routine.

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7. The Gadget Gal

Whether it’s wearing a GPS watch, uploading workouts to Strava each day or curating playlists on her iPhone, tech is a key part of exercising for this woman. With tech advances all the time, there are no shortage of gadgets and apps for her to use. And, ask her why she does it and she’ll tell you that nothing improves a running pace like a good pop song – and then tracking your progress with friends via social media.

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Whichever kind of fitness personality you are doesn’t matter at all. What does matter is that you commit to getting out there and raising your heart rate on a regular basis. Whether you’re getting your PB as you run along the beachfront, moving in meditation during a yoga class or feeling the burn as you cycle up a hill in a team triathlon – exercising makes you a fitter, healthier and happier human. Let’s get moving!

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