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Why Wearing Activewear Every Day Rocks

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have been seen dead popping to the shops in your activewear. Gym clothes were purely for sweating in and working out, not for running errands or meeting friends. But things have changed, and there are many reasons why wearing activewear every day is growing in popularity. Here are some reasons we can think of:

It’s so comfortable.

Normal clothes can be restrictive sometimes – think tight jeans, high heels, or uncomfortable belts or tops. But well designed activewear let’s you move in a way that is not restrictive, plus wearing trainers everywhere means you’re always able to break into a run if you’re late for that train or running after a toddler! Try out our Leopard Loungewear Long Pants – as the name suggests they’re great for lounging at home, but they can also be dressed up with some pretty sandals and dressy accessories for a night out or meal with friends.

The clothes are flattering.

Most high quality activewear pieces are designed to pull in and flatter your shape, in fabric that supports your body so you can move easily - this is simply not something you get from traditional clothes! Take a look at our Ana Ruga Leggings or Viber Gym Leggings to see what we mean.

It makes getting dressed in the morning simpler.

Does this top go with this skirt? Does my belt match my handbag? Oh no, I need to iron my shirt! Getting dressed each morning can be a minefield but with activewear it’s just so much easier. Pick out a top, get some bottoms, grab something warm, put your sneakers on and you’re ready to go!

It’s convenient

Don’t want to be seen clutching your handbag while wearing your activewear? We’ve thought of that. Make sure you get our Sports Pocket Pouch top so that you can stow your phone and keys away easily or our Yoga jacket with colour accents and two handy pockets.

People will think you’ve been exercising (and you might be more motivated)

So maybe you’ve haven’t been sweating it out at gym but everyone that sees you on the school run will glimpse you in your activewear and think how active you’ve been. Plus, if you’ve already got those yoga pants on, you may feel more inclined to go for a quick jog or head to that yoga session in the park.

You don’t have to worry too much about your hair or make up

No time to wash or blow dry your hair? Just stick it in a ponytail, don a sweatband and voila: you’re ready to go! You can also more easily rock the fresh-faced look and don’t need to worry too much about make up.

Besides all of the above benefits, sports luxe is totally on trend right now – so activewear can play as large a part in your wardrobe as you want! Wear it on your errands, wear it to the grocery store and then make sure you wear it as you get those endorphins pumping too.

Enjoy exploring our massive range of activewear, fitness clothing and plus size gym wear.