I have no time but want to get fit - help!

health throughout the day

Finding time to exercise during a busy day isn’t always easy. But everyone gets 5 minutes here and there to catch their breath. What can you do with the time you are given to maximise your fitness levels?

Time you have?

What you can do…

1 minute

Go to the ladies and do some push ups against the sink.
Sit at your desk and do abdominal crunches holding your stomach for 30 seconds at a time
You don’t need to be in yoga clothing to practice yoga breathing – use the minute to get your mind and breathing centred. This will also help with stress.
Practice squats in front of the stove/microwave while your dinner is cooking

5 minutes

Take a walk around the block at work or even take a walk around the office if its raining outside
Go to the ladies or a private room and do some squats and then some push ups against the wall or any appropriate surface

10/15/20 minutes

Take a walk (or two) around the block.
If there are stairs in your building maybe go up and down a few floors. A basic bra may not be enough support – so remember to being a sports bra into work.
Do your housework vigorously. Vacuum every spot twice and sweeps every spot twice

30 minutes

This is enough time to go for a brisk walk so make sure you have some trainers and some comfortable activewear under your desk
Change and spend 20 minutes running up and down the steps in your building or go for a jog around the building
Walk to a further bus / train station to get home after work