Stretching Workout Routine

Author: Female For Life | 05 Aug 2012

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tri cep stretch
Stretch Name: Tri-cep Stretch

Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and then bend your left elbow up towards the ceiling with your hand touching your upper back.

Action: Slowly reach your hand down your spine to begin the stretch and then place your right hand on your elbow to gently push down to give an even greater stretch.

Special notes: Remember to breathe easily and if you feel any pain in the shoulder stop immediately.

Muscles / Benefits: Tricep

Outfit: Sexy Bra

glute stretchStretch Name: Glute Stretch

Starting Position: In a seated position on the floor place your hands behind your back for support. Place your left foot in front of you on the floor and then bend your knee to create a 45 degree angle. Finally place your right foot on top of the inside of your left knee.

Action: From this starting position you can now stretch the glute by pressing down on the inside of the right knee. You will start to feel a stretch in the glute as you move the knee closer to the floor.

Special notes: If at any stage you feel any pain in the knee stop

Muscles / Benefits: Relieves tight glutes and hips

Outfit: Bombshell and Double Trouble

quadricep stretchStretch Name: Quadricep Stretch

Starting Position: Perform this stretch in a standing position. You may like to use a chair or wall to help balance yourself.

Action: Start by standing on your left leg and as you do so bend your right knee to bring your right foot up towards your bum. Place your right hand on your right foot to hold it in place making sure that your knees are both locked together. In this position you should feel a stretch in your right thigh . Repeat the stretch on the left leg.

Special notes: Keep a straight upright posture throughout the stretch and make sure your knees remain locked together.

Muscles / Benefits: Thigh stretch

Outfit: Sportswear Top and Yoga Barn

Stretch Name: Cat Cow

Starting Position: Begin on your hands and knees making sure your

shoulders are positioned directly over your wrists and hips directly over your cow

Action: Exhale (Breathe out): Slowly arch your back (This is the Cat) by lifting your chest up and away from your belly concentrating on curling every part of your spine from your neck to your pelvis. INHALE (breathe in) by slowly lifting your head and allowing your belly to relax and your back to curve gently. Your shoulders should be relaxed and neck extended (This is the Cow).

Special notes: Move at a slow and comfortable pace and focus on your breathing.

Muscles / Benefits: Release lower back pain by engaging abdominals

Outfit: Yoga Body Suit

chest stretchStretch Name: Chest Stretch

Starting Position: You can perform this stretch in a standing or sitting position as it focuses on the chest area. Place your hands behind your back and lock your fingers so your hands are together. Keep your upper body tall with your back straight and your tummy tucked in to your spine to switch on your spine.

Action: From this position raise your locked hands upwards making sure to keep you arms straight. As you do this your shoulders will be pulled backwards and your chest will start to stretch. Hold this stretch for 5-10 seconds before returning to the start position and repeating.

Special notes: Do not over stretch as this can cause injury. Instead build up slowly and lengthen the stretch each time you perform it so that you become more flexible.

Muscles / Benefits: Chest Muscles

Outfit: Lovely T and Culottes


Melanie said on: 5th August 2012, 6:46pm

Awesome - thanks for this - going to do it at home before i get ready for work in the mornings :)